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Are You Fed Up With Being Sick And Tired?

As a College Station Tx chiropractor, I can ask: Is it not time for you to feel well again?

Nobody wants to be sick, so why are there so many sick and tired (or worse) people around. It seems that despite the best medical care in the world we are getting sicker. Maybe the system needs to change, change from a sickness care industry, to a system that actually increases your health and well being. How likely is that to happen?

Consider for a moment what would happen to all the huge pharmaceutical and food business incomes if 80 % people stopped acquiring their medications and extremely processed foods due to the fact that we would certainly have found a way to get healthy and also stay healthy and balanced. We would not need their items!

Think of the last time you sat down to view a favorite television program. I just bet you saw a pharmaceutical business promoting a new wonder drug (with significant adverse effects) and all you had to do was go ask your doctor for a prescription!

Exactly what's wrong with this system? Drug firms are asking us to see a physician to get their products? The advertising works too, but many people eventually find a number of the medicines are created to conceal or subdue the symptoms, not address the underlying causes. This creates a devastating cycle of great amounts of meds for chronic ailments with no relief in sight.

It absolutely looks like these companies create many of the medications to mask signs and symptoms as well as a result count on us acquiring an increasing number of their items gradually, which makes them in the sickness business.

In all fairness, there are some miraculous medications offered today that deliver incredible advantages to individuals needing essential life assistance and care. That tiny percentage of the populace who are undertaking life saving procedures, experiencing significant genetic disorders or fighting harmful disease or injury. Modern medications in these cases can be life savers.

Health care expenses are skyrocketing because people are getting sicker not more healthy.

Western health care allows us to tolerate migraine headaches, allergic reactions, stomach and also digestion distress, physical body pain, exhaustion, joint inflammation, and also hundreds of other all to common disorders. It goes like this: Here's a prescription, simply take a couple of pills, tand everything will be Ok yet for over 80% of people, it's not always so.

Scientific research now informs us that there is a real relationship between the quality of our diet and the quality of our health. Understanding this is a huge step in the right direction, and chiropractic care can help.

One major barrier to the health of the population in the relentless advertising od drugs directy to comsumers, as well as fast food commercials offering cheap and tasty, but harmful food full of manyfactured calories. Even the avaerage child in the United States and Canada today is pestered with over 40,000 TELEVISION advertisements a year.

The strategies are the same for you as well as me, while more mature, yet no much less impactful. Medication manufacturers remain in the news with announcements of items being removed from the marketplace because of unforeseen and severe side-effects in a significant number of users. In a vast majority of cases today, pharmaceutical medicines are developed in a lab to be extremely focused on concealing signs, not attacking the causes of illness.

One of the greatest blunders we could make when purchasing a medication is to check out the advantages, without taking into consideration the side effects of the item; negative effects that can have long-term implications. Many of the preferred prescription and OTC drugs can harm your stomach, liver as well as kidneys, and could also trigger interior bleeding. What's worse, numerous over-the-counter (OTC) treatments just mask the symptoms and also can really slow tissue healing as well as bodily harm in the long run. So you're slowing your physical body's capacity to recover itself, you've invested countless dollars monthly on products that really did not help, and you still suffer with the exhaustion and also pain anyhow.

Take into consideration the wisdom of those who have actually preceded us.

The concept of wellness dates back lots of countless years as well as there are frequent examples in past history of people that have acknowledged and pursued nutrition as an essential ingredient of health.

So Just what Has Changed

At the beginning of the 20th century, restaurants were rare while today, they are prevalent in every segment our society and also we invest a substantial amount of our earnings on eating out which good information for dining establishments, especially fast food dining establishments!

Nonetheless, preceeding the very early 20th century, most people ate home cooked dishes, and also while our great grandparents, and theirs, did not have the large diversity of food options we have today, they had the foods that were much more nutritionally dense than our foods are today.

Today our foods are largely grown or grown in nutritionally deficient soils that require toxic chemicals as well as are extremely refined and ehnanced with ingredients such as manufactured fats, added sugars as well as salt. Sure those highly improved products tastes good, yet at what price?

The unfortunate outcome of food today is that the majority of people are gradually starving on an abundant supply of highly refined nutrient deficient food!

Today 3 active ingredients, fat, sugar and also sodium are so plentiful, and also help to create processed foods that taste so great, that we are gradually losing our ability to taste real food.

TRUTH: Excellent nutrition is fundamental to health and wellness.

Food in today's modern world is more a disease delivery system that nutrition for bodily health.

Eat better. Feel better. Live better.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is intended to be used as a substitute for advice of a physician. Do not modify your diet, exercises, or medications without first seeking the advice of a physician. Information on this site is for information purposes only. No claims have been approved by the FDA unless otherwise indicated.


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