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How Can Relaxation Help You?

There are some obvious changes in our body response to a stressful situation were in. When we are under stress, high tension is in our muscles, blood pressure and heart rate rise, performance and productivity decrease at work, there is a drop of energy and many other symptoms may occur as well. Also, our mind works differently. We feel anxious, depressed or preoccuppied with worries.

On the other hand, when our body and mind are relaxed we leave the space for their self-healing and revitalizing. If we think of ourselves as vibrational beings, the relaxation can help us in raising our vibrational level, too. We know how it is to be in the company of happy, inspiring and non-judgemental people. They are simply glowing. We may even feel the difference in the air around us. They have a high frequency vibration and every cell of their body vibrates on a higher level.

If we look at our actions, thoughts,feelings, body and the whole being we can take conscious steps to the glowing health, harmony and peace that are always within us.

Listening music is one of the perfect tools for achieving relaxation, rest and well-being. The sounds are also vibrations and every animate and inanimate creation in the universe vibrate at a particular frequency. When we listen the water sounds such as the whooshing sound of ocean, the regular wave patterns of rainfall or babbling brook, we become calm and relaxed. Our brainwaves go along with the rhythm of water. Nature inside of us is the nature outside of us. The beats of deep relaxation, rest and harmony are always within us. While we listen the soothing sounds, we become one with the sound. Our breath becomes one with the sound and the thoughts vanish away.

Guided imagery meditation is another powerful tool that directs one into the focused and relaxed states of mind. One can listen his/her preferable audio, read its script or do it one-on-one or in a group with the help of an instructor, like Jason Stephenson. When images form in our mind while we e.g. listen the audio guide, our mind does not make a difference whether they actually happen or not. The images, events and everything that accompanies them seem real to our mind. At some point, our imagination takes over and it leads us to our symbolic insights and unique experiences.

We can be guided to imagine how we walk at the beach, feel the sand on our feet, smell the sea air, hear the waves crashing on the cliff and so on. In this way all the senses are engaged in. Our body and mind change in the positive direction toward healing, clarity, creativity, improving performance and learning.


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