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Why Not Being Happy With Your Body Can Lead To Positive Change

Being satisfied with the status quo means you are not making any progress. -Katsuaki Watanabe

If there is one thing that will lead to improvement then that is Discontentment. A large number of people may frown at this context because of the negativity contained in it. But the logic is very simple by not being completely happy with his body, a man will continuously think as to what he can do to make it better and this thought can bring about an impetus to work hard and bring about the positive change.

If a man is too happy with his genetic endowment (his body), he may become lackadaisical and not bother about improving himself any further. Sometimes, he may become too laid back to maintain even a minimum hygiene and fitness level. This can land him in serious trouble.

Like all good habits, keeping fit, maintaining good personal hygiene and dressing up well can come only from practice. It is a conscious effort to look presentable at most times. It requires concerted behaviour for it to become a way of life. When a man starts to take the initiative, he will see a big difference in himself. This positive change will help him strive more towards achieving his goal.

Not everyone is blessed with Adonis looks. A very minuscule percentage of the population can look perennially youthful. For the majority, looking good and keeping fit requires lot of hard work over a long period of time. Additionally not everyone is blessed with a large endowment, but you can change that by adding several inches with ease using the sizegenetics device.

Here, it is in no way hinted to hate the body or any indication towards body shaming but on the contrary, the idea is that there is no saturation to looking good and being fit. A man must never stop the good work and must keep on pushing the envelope. If he feels that all his goals have been met, he must set newer goals. There is no reason to stop. But, there is always more room for improvement.

The person must make the positive changes through toil and sweat. It is all too easy to go under the surgeons scalpel and repair a flaw. But that will not be a permanent remedy; it is only a short cut. Besides, there is always the risk of side effects. Summing up, the successful way to looking good is only through hard work which has never killed anyone!


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