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How Ancient Chinese Cordyceps Sinensis Can Help Beat Diabetes

Ancient Chinese medicine has made use of a mushroom called Cordyceps sinensis for thousands of years. The mushroom also goes by the name Dong Chong Xia Cao and Caterpillar Fungus. It is basically an all-around health remedy that has been attributed with curing many illnesses.

One of the best uses for it is as an adaptogen which means it helps the body manage physical stress within the adrenal glands. It also contains powerful antioxidants. It is believed to shrink cancerous tumors and regulate irregular heartbeats.

One of the most impressive uses of the mushroom in capsule format is that of treating diabetes. Studies have been done with animals which show promise that it can improve if not treat both types of diabetes.

The animals were given the mushroom and then their plasma glucose levels were measured. It appears that the mushroom reduced the levels of glucose in diabetic animals. Specifically, the animals were given the mycelium and fruit of the mushroom. It turned out that in addition to experiencing lower glucose levels, they experienced less hyperglycemia.

That is not all. The animals also ate and drank less. The cordyceps sinensis helped improve the animals' condition on these levels as well. Upon closer examination, the mushroom brought the levels of glucose down by isolating a chemical called polysaccharide.

In addition, the most promising results from the animal studies were a clear reduction of oxidative stress. Glucose regulating enzymes in the liver were improved and insulin secretion was also improved. It seems that if these studies show diabetes can be brought under control in animals, then most certainly there is promise in humans.

Most Cordyceps sinensis is found in high altitudes. It can be very expensive to buy the actual plant. Instead, most people who wish to take it as a diabetes supplement will want to purchase it from an herbal or health food store. There are many potent formulas available in capsule formats and they often include other healthy ingredients to promote well being.

The best thing is to choose a formula that is designed for sufferers of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. There are a lot of cordyceps supplements available on the market , but not all are of the best quality. Be sure to ask a knowledgeable staff member at any brick and mortar health food store about the best formula for diabetes.

Exercise is also essential for losing weight, which is a big symptom of Type 2 diabetes. When used, the cordyceps can increase a person's endurance when exercising helping them to lose excess pounds which further improves the diabetic's condition.

Take the supplement exactly as directed. Taking it without eating right and exercising is not advised. This is not a magic potion that will get rid of diabetes. It is essential to practice taking the right steps to treating the disease. Never stop an insulin medication without speaking to a doctor.

Take it under a doctor's supervision. This way, the results can be observed and noted.


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