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Addiction Exceed :: LDS addiction recovery video: Lindsay’s story about heroin addiction

In the 11th video of "12 Steps to Change," a 12-video series produced by the Mormon Channel and LDS Family Services, a woman named Lindsay shares her struggle with a heroin addiction and the role personal revelation played in her recovery.

Lindsay is one of 12 people featured in the series. They discuss their addictions and the hope they found through the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

In this video, Lindsay says she had surrendered to her heroin addiction, leaving her children with her mother and doing everything she could to feed her addiction. While working through the recovery program, Lindsay applied the 11th step, personal revelation, by praying to Heavenly Father.

"He wants to hear our thoughts and our feelings, and he wants us to be authentic and be ourselves," Lindsay says in the video.

Lindsay called the 11th step a "maintenance step" and a "lifeline."

The Mormon Channel promoted Lindsay's video Friday and will promote another video from the series each day during the first two weeks in September, which is National Recovery Month. Each video focuses on one step of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

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