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A Much Overlooked Aspect Of Personal Health That Is Quite Important

Keeping ourselves healthy has many aspects to it. However, there is one aspect of keeping ourselves healthy that contributes a lot to personal health and is overlooked a lot of the time, that aspect is how we clean our floors and whether or not they are clean. By clean, i dont just mean clean as in the sense that there is no visible dirt. I mean actually clean, germ-free clean. The floor is one of the biggest harbors of germs which are so easily transferred all over the house. Inevitably, one way or another, these germs find themselves making their way onto things we touch and end up making their way into our bodies thereby making us sick.

The ultimate way to prevent germs that can build up in your house on the floor is to clean your floor properly every time when you clean it. And by properly, i mean using a Temples Pride Microfiber mop. They have been proven to actually remove germs off the floor instead of just moving them around.

The problem with normal cotton mops is that the fibers are too large and they are unable to actually pick up germs. Microfiber is called microfiber for a reason, it has fibers that are so small they are able to pick up, hold onto and remove germs. Normally with a cotton mop, you would also use a bucket of water which defeats the point because if you think about it, you are dipping the mop in a bucket of water and mopping the floor with the same dirty water thereby spreading germs around the house.

When you use a microfiber mop you do not use a bucket of water. The pads are removable, once you use one pad you remove it and you put on a clean one and then you move on to the next room. This completely eliminates cross-contamination. Microfiber mops are also very easy to use because you're not going to waste all that energy carrying around a heavy bucket of water as you would have to do with the cotton mop. There is also the added advantage that you do not have to actually touch the pad to wring it out like you would have to do with a cotton mop.

So, in conclusion when thinking about your personal health try not to overlook your floor especially if you have kids, keeping it absolutely germ-free is one of the best ways you can avoid illness in your house.


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