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A Much Overlooked Aspect Of Personal Health That Is Quite Important

Keeping ourselves healthy has many aspects to it. However, there is one aspect of keeping ourselves healthy that contributes a lot to personal health and is overlooked a lot of the time, that aspect is how we clean our floors and whether or not they are clean. By clean, i dont just mean clean as in the sense that there is no visible dirt. I mean actually clean, germ-free clean. The floor is one of the biggest harbors of germs which are so easily transferred all over the house. Inevitably, one way or another, these germs find themselves making their way onto things we touch and end up making their way into our bodies thereby making us sick.

The ultimate way to prevent germs that can build up in your house on the floor is to clean your floor properly every time when you clean it. And by properly, i mean using a Temples Pride Microfiber mop. They have been proven to actually remove germs off the floor instead of just moving them around.

The problem with normal cotton mops is that the fibers are too large and they are unable to actually pick up germs. Microfiber is called microfiber for a reason, it has fibers that are so small they are able to pick up, hold onto and remove germs. Normally with a cotton mop, you would also use a bucket of water which defeats the point because if you think about it, you are dipping the mop in a bucket of water and mopping the floor with the same dirty water thereby spreading germs around the house.

When you use a microfiber mop you do not use a bucket of water. The pads are removable, once you use one pad you remove it and you put on a clean one and then you move on to the next room. This completely eliminates cross-contamination. Microfiber mops are also very easy to use because you're not going to waste all that energy carrying around a heavy bucket of water as you would have to do with the cotton mop. There is also the added advantage that you do not have to actually touch the pad to wring it out like you would have to do with a cotton mop.

So, in conclusion when thinking about your personal health try not to overlook your floor especially if you have kids, keeping it absolutely germ-free is one of the best ways you can avoid illness in your house.

A Much Overlooked Aspect Of Personal Health That Is Quite Important

Keeping ourselves healthy has many aspects to it. However, there is one aspect of keeping ourselves healthy that contributes a lot to personal health and is overlooked a lot of the time, that aspect is how we clean our floors and whether or not they are clean. By clean, i dont just mean clean as in the sense that there is no visible dirt. I mean actually clean, germ-free clean. The floor is one of the biggest harbors of germs which are so easily transferred all over the house. Inevitably, one way or another, these germs find themselves making their way onto things we touch and end up making their way into our bodies thereby making us sick.

The ultimate way to prevent germs that can build up in your house on the floor is to clean your floor properly every time when you clean it. And by properly, i mean using a Temples Pride Microfiber mop. They have been proven to actually remove germs off the floor instead of just moving them around.

The problem with normal cotton mops is that the fibers are too large and they are unable to actually pick up germs. Microfiber is called microfiber for a reason, it has fibers that are so small they are able to pick up, hold onto and remove germs. Normally with a cotton mop, you would also use a bucket of water which defeats the point because if you think about it, you are dipping the mop in a bucket of water and mopping the floor with the same dirty water thereby spreading germs around the house.

When you use a microfiber mop you do not use a bucket of water. The pads are removable, once you use one pad you remove it and you put on a clean one and then you move on to the next room. This completely eliminates cross-contamination. Microfiber mops are also very easy to use because you're not going to waste all that energy carrying around a heavy bucket of water as you would have to do with the cotton mop. There is also the added advantage that you do not have to actually touch the pad to wring it out like you would have to do with a cotton mop.

So, in conclusion when thinking about your personal health try not to overlook your floor especially if you have kids, keeping it absolutely germ-free is one of the best ways you can avoid illness in your house.

Family Health Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Although you may not be able to keep up with all of the family health tips that are out there, you should at least try to implement as many healthy habits into your daily life as you can. This way, you will protect your entire family from the ill effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are some of the most important tips.

One of the biggest things that every person in a household can do on a regular basis is to get out in the sunshine and move around a bit. Doing this helps to increase circulation throughout the body, which means that the immune system will be stronger, and more capable of fighting off the disease. This also helps to keep your skin young and healthy. If you spend time outside in the sunshine, keep your dog outside with you and allow him to run around outside with you.

Exercise is very important. This goes for people of all ages, but it really does make sense to get plenty of exercise if you want a healthy life. Exercise releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and prevents the feeling of boredom that can come along with long hours of sitting at home or being stuck inside. By doing a few simple exercises every day, you are taking care of important aspects of your overall health, as well as preventing disease and illness.

If you can afford to spend money on quality supplements, they will do much to ensure that you and your family stay healthy and strong. The most effective vitamins and minerals work to reduce inflammation, and help the immune system function properly. The more potent the supplement, the higher the effectiveness. The key thing to remember is that high quality supplements are better for you.

Finally, another of the best family health tips is to start incorporating a very healthy diet, one that is high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This way, the food you eat is high in nutrients, while being low in saturated fats and cholesterol. By eating a healthy diet, you can avoid heart problems and other ailments that can lead to cancer and other serious problems.

These are just a few of the most important tips that you can use when looking to improve your health, and the overall health of your family. By taking care of the basics, and taking a little extra time to implement good habits, you and your family can feel much better and live longer lives.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid If You Have Been Injured In A Bike Accident

Most of the time when you take a bike ride through your neighborhood or perhaps out along a country road, everything goes as expected. However, with so many drivers on the road today, there is a greater likelihood you may find yourself being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, even though bike riders are supposed to be given equal consideration by drivers when on the road, this rarely happens. As a result, many bike riders are seriously injured each year due to the carelessness or negligence of those behind the wheel. If you have found yourself injured in a bike accident, consult with an experienced bike accident attorney. Here are some common pitfalls you should always avoid.

Failing to Call Police

If you have been injured in a bike accident, always call 9-1-1 to make sure police come to the scene. By doing so, you will be able to tell your side of the story to officers, and it will also ensure an accident report is filed by police in charge of the accident scene. Once this report is filed, you should always make sure your bike accident attorney obtains a copy. Since this report will contain key details about the accident as well as the officer's preliminary assessment as to who was at fault, your bike accident lawyer can use this when planning legal strategy.

Not Getting Treated for Your Injuries

Even if you believe you may not be seriously hurt, never refuse to get examined by medical personnel at the scene. If you do, you may be positioning yourself to lose out on gaining the compensation you need for various damages, including:

  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Lost wages from being unable to work as it may come with a disability
  • Damage to personal property, such as a smartphone
  • Pain and Suffering
If you choose to refuse treatment, the driver's attorney and insurance company will then claim you were not injured in the accident, making it more difficult for your bike accident attorney to prove otherwise.

Admitting Fault

When involved in an accident such as this, it may feel only natural to you to say something such as "I'm sorry" to the driver of the vehicle that hit you. However, if you choose to do so, this could be a mistake. By saying something as simple as "I'm sorry" to the driver or police at the scene, this may give others the impression you are admitting the accident was your fault. Should you say this to police, it will likely find its way into the officer's accident report, which will then make it much harder for your bike accident lawyer to convince the court the accident was not your fault.

Since even the most innocent words or actions in these situations can spell disaster for your personal injury lawsuit, always be very careful what you do and say both at the accident scene and afterwards. Along with this, always make sure you schedule a consultation with an experienced bike accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident to discuss your legal options.

Therapists Involved In Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Traumatic brain injury usually occurs if a person meets an accident. It restricts the cognitive abilities of the patient, and he/she goes through a stage where they find it difficult to have emotional control, face sensory problems, physical issues, and poor thought processing. However, with the help of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, the patient can recover quickly and gain his/her senses and cognitive power.

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Rehabilitation team

Usually, the rehabilitation care team comprises of highly-trained practitioners, also known as the multidisciplinary team. This team will work together every week to discuss the treatment and recovery of the patient. They will consider updating their rehabilitation program according to the response and health condition of the patients brain. Some of the members of this team and their role are:

Rehabilitation nurse

The rehabilitation nurse will be in charge of different duties like assessing mobility, nutrition, bladder function, and self-care activities. He/she will educate you and your family about the medications and rehab programs that the patient needs to complete to get well soon.


A physiatrist is an expert in rehabilitation medicine. Along with physical activities, the patient also needs to take regular medication so that his/her body can support the rehab program. The physiatrist will evaluate the thinking, behavior, and physical abilities of the patient. Depending on the condition of the patient, he/she will prescribe medication that can manage sleep, pain, mood, and nutrition better. The physiatrist also recommends tailor-made therapies like occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Occupational therapist

The occupational therapist has a lot to do to help recover the patient quickly. They provide training so that the patient becomes more independent. Some of the activities that his/her program will include are dressing, grooming, bathing, eating, etc. He/she will also work along with the patient to improve their trunk control, balance, and strength. Occupational therapists also assess visual problems, progress in reasoning and judgment, concentration, attention, memory, calculation, and several other cognitive functions.

Recreation therapist

Once the patient responds to the occupational rehab program, the recreation therapist will try to bring some recreational resources. This will enable the patient to do what he/she usually likes when they are outdoors, such as canoeing, horse riding, or hill climbing. Some recreation therapists also focus on group activities and community services too.

With an entire team working to help the patient recover quickly, it is only a matter of time before you notice progress in their brain improvement.

Acquired Brain Injury (abi) Rehabilitation And Therapy

What Is An Acquired Brain Injury?

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is any trauma that is caused to the brain not resulting from a congenital or degenerative health condition. In other words, it is the result of an external or internal event that results in trauma to the brain.

A stroke or brain aneurysm are both internal causes of an ABI. Injury to the head from an accident, fall or other damage that results in injury to the brain is also an ABI.

What Are The Symptoms For ABI?

An ABI can have mild to severe consequences and can have both physical and cognitive consequences either in the short or long-term.

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Cognitive symptoms of an ABI may include:

- Impaired focus, concentration and short attention span. - Reduced memory either short or long-term. - Diminished ability to communicate due to impaired speech and language processes. - Impairment of processing visual and aural stimuli. - Bad or poor judgement. - Difficulty in executing tasks.

Physical symptoms of ABI may include:

- Impaired fine and gross motor skill. - Lack of coordination. - Muscle weakness or paralysis. - Mild to extreme persistent headaches. - Tremors or shaking. - Seizures. - Sleep disorders such as insomnia or physical and mental lethargy. - Photosensitivity or sensitivity to light.

Symptoms may vary according to the severity, location of the injury and other factors related to the traumatic event that caused the ABI. Rehabilitation and therapy may therefore vary depending on individual cases.

What Is The Treatment For ABI?

ABI requires a multidisciplinary approach meaning that a diverse set of interventions are necessary in order to effectively rehabilitate a patient to restore physical and cognitive function. Rehabilitation is commonly more effective in mild to moderate brain trauma cases than where severe or extensive trauma to the brain has occurred.

Pharmaceutical treatment to restore brain function may be the first course of action. The second phase of treatment may involve integrated therapy as soon as a patient is deemed to be medically fit. This treatment phase is normally performed in hospital and involves occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy as well as neuropsychology.

The third phase of treatment is on an out-patient basis and may involve additional forms of therapy than those included in the second phase. Studies have shown evidence that out-patient treatment is necessary to maintain and continue results and that additional therapies integrated with medical approaches are far more effective.

Outdoor activities and alternative therapies integrated into a rehabilitation programme have been proven to provide better results in the long-term than stand-alone therapies that target a specific symptom of the ABI.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

It is without question that there is a complete overreation by the WHO regarding the supposed "threat" by electronic cigarettes. The WHO are not only over-reacting, but they're also taking the wrong approach in respect of these products. Cigarette smoking is facing one of its biggest threats in a long time from Electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have to date assisted many thousands of people to stop smoking and also enabled them to drastically cut down on the quantity they smoke as well. In fact, it is the WHO that are siding with cigarettes to protect them from the threat caused by electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been found to be a lot safer than normal cigarettes through scientific research and they in fact reduce the risk of not only lung cancer but also obstructive lung disease, as well as other cancers. Further scientific evidence also suggests that it is possible that electronic cigarettes pose less of a possibility of heart disease. Further research has to be undertaken to ascertain if there could be long-term damaging consequences. It can absolutely be said though that electronic cigarettes are a lot safer than actual cigarettes.

Around the world they are being used by millions of people as well as there being thousands of members on dozens of forums. There are in excess of one hundred thousand posts per month on a single forum alone. There are also at least 6 web radio shows, 10 web TV channels as well as a channel of music radio, all dedicated solely to electronic cigarettes. The growth of e-cigarettes has happened at an incredible rate, with its growth in many places stabilizing at about forty per cent annually. Thus far over five per cent of smokers have swopped to e-cigarettes in the UK and US, and by 2019 this percentage will be a great deal higher.

Currently from 2012 - 2015, the use of e-cigarettes grew with middle as well as high school students. About five out of every hundred middle school students said that in 2015 they had used e-cigarettes during the past thirty days which equates to a rise from 0.6% in 2012.

In fact, compared to cigarette smoke, electronic cigarette vapor is a lot safer and you can go to to inform yourself about the e-cig produts available out there. Although it is more than likely healthier to refrain from inhaling anything, electronic cigarettes are the best bet for being safe. While tobacco cigarettes cause arteries to harden, this is not the immediate case with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also don't interfere with the way oxygen reaches your heart either. A health issue is not caused by the commonest ingredients found in 'e-liquid'.

It was discovered in a research paper from 2012 regarding toxicants and carcinogens from electronic cigarette vapor, that there were a number of toxic substances. However, the toxicant levels were 9-450 times less than those found in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, that substituting cigarettes with electronic cigarettes could significantly reduce subjection to certain tobacco-specific toxicants.

The introduction of electronic cigarettes was to assist traditional smokers to quit smoking. Vaping not only eliminates the usual toxins and chemicals in cigarettes but also gets rid of the smell of cigarette smoke that lingers. The popularity of vaping has been increased due to the new devices which are portable as well as exotic liquid flavours available. Estimated to be worth in the region of four billion US dollars, the vaping industry has people competing over who is able to blow most smoke.

There are sources that opine that the health effects long-term regarding electronic cigarettes are mostly unknown due to there being little hard data as it is fairly new. That said, e-cigarettes are still regarded as less destructive as well as safer to health than tobacco cigarettes. Although they usually also contain nicotine which is still addictive, there aren't any other by-products from burning or any tar. What looks like "smoke" is in fact water vapor, therefore e-cigarettes are believed to be a lot safer for health in the long term that regular cigarettes. Any health concerns are due to the unknown factors such as the chemicals which give flavour and lack of research by the FDA.

From April 2014, proposed rules were issued by the FDA to increase its authority in regard to regulating tobacco products, e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, waterpipe tobacco, orally ingested tobacco as well as nicotine gels. FDA rules proposed setting 18 as the minimum age to be able to use electronic cigarettes. Identification would also be required to buy them, vending machine sales to be prohibited, packaging to carry warning labels, and manufacturers to be prohibited from offering samples for free.

Even though there is an age restriction stating that someone has to be eighteen years of age before being permitted to buy electronic cigarettes, these devices have become the most frequently used tobacco products by teenagers. During 2016, in excess of two million middle as well as high school students in the United States were at any given time within the last thirty days using electronic cigarettes. Contrary to this, 3.2% of adults disclosed that they'd vaped during 2016.

With the continued growth of the industry, mainstream publications are conceding that some evidence exists showing that e-cigarettes could possibly be effective in assisting those that smoke to quit. We have been aware of this fact for quite some time.

Tips To Get Rid Of A Hangover

While having a night out with your friends might be fun at the time, dealing with the consequences the morning after is never fun. If you experience a hangover, you might think there is nothing you can do but wait it out. However, there are steps you can take to either prevent or get rid of it quickly. Below, we will discuss some of the key tips to do both.

Tips To Effectively Deal With A Hangover:

1. Drink Water In Between Drinks.

One of the best ways to prevent getting a hangover, to begin with, would be to drink water in between your alcoholic beverages. You want to try to drink as much water as you can while you are drinking alcohol because it is going to allow you to not only retain proper hydration, but it will likely minimize the total amount you end up drinking in the first place.

Your body eliminates a lot of hydration from your body as you drink alcohol. Because of this, you will need to replenish it in sufficient volume. Otherwise, you will likely deal with the consequences of a hangover.

2. Eat Carbs.

Another good thing that you are going to be able to do to eliminate a hangover the morning after is to eat a carb loaded meal. By eating carbs, you are going to be able to get rid of hangover symptoms because you will be able to provide your brain with the fuel that it needs. Drinking can lower your blood sugar levels considerably. As a result, your brain ends up having to work on empty. This can cause major headaches that you would experience during your hangover stage. Thus, by filling up with carbs, you will be able to easily ingest fuel for your brain to eliminate the symptoms as quickly as possible.

3. Stick To Clear Alcohol.

One of the biggest issues can stem from drinking too much dark alcohol. Clear alcoholic beverages are going to end up producing less of a hangover effect because dark alcoholic beverages contain methanol which is especially toxic and can cause more hangover symptoms.

4. Drink Coffee.

One of the best ways to minimize the symptoms of a hangover early in the morning is by drinking coffee. You want to drink coffee because it contains a lot of caffeine which can really help to provide quick bursts of energy that your body is going to be able to use. This ultimately can minimize the lethargy that you would normally experience while you are experiencing a hangover.

With that being said, it can also worsen the problems that you are experiencing. If your hangover is a direct result of being dehydrated and if you are not properly filling your body with water and electrolytes, drinking coffee will make your hangover worse. Overall, there are a lot of different ways you can either prevent or minimize the symptoms of a hangover. By following the tips above, you should be able to do it successfully with minimal effort.

Learn Why Dehydration Can Be Debilitating

Dehydration happens more than you might think. It's actually quite a common problem, one that many know about. It's what happens when a human body loses too much of its fluids without having them replenished. However, many people think dehydration only happens when they're really thirsty or have been working out for a while. They might even envision someone stranded in the desert not knowing where the closest oasis is.

These examples are all true, but some are more extreme than the others. In fact, you don't need to be an athlete or in a desert to get dehydrated. Just sweating enough in hot weather can do it.Another possibility that can leave you dehydrated in regular daily life is just not drinking enough water in the first place. This might happen gradually, and you'd barely notice it until some point in the middle of the afternoon when you get really thirsty.

If this winds up happening to you, it might be a solid indicator that you've actually been dehydrated for some time, because if you wind up feeling thirsty, that's a definitive symptom of being dehydrated. Thirst is far from the only problem. Dehydration can leave you nearly debilitated because you'll feel lethargic, sick, tired, and possibly even faint.

Oddly enough, dehydration can happen to you even if you're taking in liquids. Drinks that have a lot of sugar content don't hydrate you very well, and alcoholic and caffeinated beverages might make you urinate more often, draining you of fluids. Coffee is another diuretic that does the same. All this means you can be drinking lots of fluids and actually getting dehydrated even more than you were!

Dehydration can also happen if your body happens to be losing water due to vomiting or diarrhea. This is often high volumes of water that were never absorbed and used in the first place. In cases like these, on top of losing lots of water, you're likely having difficulty replacing it because you feel nauseous. In many cases, pushing fluids can remedy it, and an electrolyte mixture might speed up the process of recovery.

Some cases of dehydration get serious enough that IV fluids are necessary from professional medical attention, although this only typically happens in extreme cases. Water is something that makes up two-thirds of a human body, and sometimes much more. It plays many roles in maintaining normal bodily functions. Your brain's weight is mostly water, and even slight dehydration can impact your mental function.

Water keeps your skin healthy through the elimination of toxins. It also lubricates your joints and eyes. Proper digestion is always facilitated by water, not just through urine, but also excrement, which can be hard to impossible to form and pass without water. Once water levels in the body drop, they need to be replaced. Otherwise, the imbalance between sugar and salts in your body can start throwing everything out of whack.

Drinking enough water is always the optimum way to prevent dehydration, both when you're ill or just going about your daily life. It sounds basic, but it does take a bit of conscious effort to drink a lot of water throughout your day so that you can enjoy better wellness and metabolism.

General Medical Council Complaint Investigation Lawyers

All GPs and Specialists in the U.K. are required to register with the General Medical Council and adhere to the published rules in the GMC Good Medical Practice. Breaching these professional rules of conduct may lead to complaints by patients and an investigation by the GMC and a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service Panel FTP hearing. If the MPTS Panel finds that your fitness to practise is impaired, it could have devastating consequences for you and your professional career. If you have been accused of medical misconduct you should contact a solicitor to guide you through the complicated GMC complaints process and prepare an effective defence on your behalf. You certainly shouldn't consider preparing your own courtroom defence

The GMC Complaints Procedure

All complaints from patients are directed to the General Medical Council for investigation. Complaints can be upheld on the grounds of misconduct, recent criminal conviction, health issues, or an inability to speak fluent English. You will be notified of the complaint and issued with a Rule 4 letter stating the full terms of the allegations against you. It is important to have proper legal representation right from the outset to ensure that your rights are not prejudiced and that the entire procedure is handled with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.

A full investigation will be conducted by the GMC to accrue evidence regarding the allegations made. At the conclusion of these investigations, a Rule 7 letter will be sent to you with full details of the complaint and the evidence against you. You will be given 28 days from the date of this letter to submit a substantive response which will be taken into consideration at the FTP hearing. This is where a dedicated team of solicitors experienced in medical law and the defence of doctors and specialists who have face patient complaints can guide you in preparing the best response.

Before the Fitness to Practise hearing your solicitor will help you build an accurate chronology of events in strict confidence in order to prepare an accurate defence on your behalf. If the MTPS Panel finds you guilty of the allegations during the Fitness to Practise hearing, it may result in conditions being imposed on your GMC registration, suspension from the registration, or removal from the Medial Council Register.

A professional discipline solicitor will negotiate terms on your behalf and aim to reach a settlement to ensure the least amount of damage to you and your career. If you are involved in a GMC complaint procedure, you will need the help of a team of solicitors to give you expert legal advice and representation from the initial complaint to the final hearing and outcome.

Fitness To Practise Defence Solicitors Explained

A lawyer is a professional whose main duty is to advise and represent others in legal matters. This is due to the fact that the individual is well-versed in matters concerning the law, courtesy of many years in law school.

The professional is governed by various guidelines and principles that they are required to adhere to, an important one being confidentiality. This is one of the major virtues that must be upheld by any professional who practises as a lawyer.

Just as any profession has various specialisations, so does law, and this brings us to GMC defence solicitors who specifically deal with representing medical practitioners before health care regulators. A significant number are located in London, at firms such as Blackfords LLP. One of the health care regulators that defence solicitors defend registrants against is the general medical council (GMC).

A medical practitioner can be accused of a medical offence that can lead to the practitioner losing their job, hence this is where the GMC defense solicitors come in and defend the registrant.

A registrant is a doctor who is accused. As mentioned earlier, any lawyer needs to be confidential in regards to matters that are discussed with his or her client, and this is one example of a medical offence that could prove disastrous for the accused doctor. The General Medical Council and General Dental Council are two separate regulators for their respective fields. Today lets look at the lawyers (defence solicitors) charged with the responsibility of representing the accused doctors. The procedure involved is as follows.

First, the accused doctor may face an internal disciplinary assessment by the employer, who might suggest that that the accused performed a crime. Examples would include sexually assaulting a patient, sneaking out drugs from the hospital or any misconduct set by the regulatory body. The process will continue from the initial notification, to the fitness to practice, to appeals against decisions until a hearing is set.

This process is very stressful to the medical practitioners, and a lawyer is absolutely required as representing yourself in court is a terrible idea. Experience is key here because in law, just as in any profession, experience really matters. Having an experienced defence solicitor who has battled it out in court against the regulatory body (GMC) is to your advantage because the lawyer is familiar with the procedure.

In regards to the cases involved they vary from one which is complicated to one that is piece of cake. All in all a defense solicitor is charged with the responsibility of advising the registrant on matters involving the case probably due to a misconduct set out by the GMC. To read more about GMC defence solicitors, see this page.

Tips For Settling A Car Accident Injury Claim

When you find yourself involved in a vehicle accident, you are dealing with a variety of issues and people. Not only will your vehicle and possibly other property be damaged, but you may also suffer physical injuries that require medical attention. While in these situations your first reaction may be to get everything settled as quickly as possible, that can often be a mistake. Not only will you possibly set yourself up for unexpected litigation against you by the other driver, but you will also likely lose large amounts of money by reaching a quick settlement with the other driver's insurance company. Therefore, before settling a car accident injury claim, speak to an attorney who has experience in these matters. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while hiring car accident attorney. And along with this, here are additional tips to keep in mind.

Gather Crucial Information

If possible, gather as much information as you can while at the accident scene. If you are unable to do so because of injury, have a friend or other person do so if possible. This usually involves a variety of names and contact information for numerous people, such as:

--Driver of other vehicle
--Witnesses to the accident
--Police officers at the scene
--Other driver's insurance company

While this process may take some time, it's necessary for your claim, since it will be needed by insurance companies and your attorney.

Always Take Photographs

Along with contact information, always try to take photos or videos of the accident scene itself. If you can, pull out your smartphone and focus on the following:

--Damage to each vehicle
--Location of each vehicle
--License plates
--Skid marks or other property damage
--Snow, ice, or other factors that could have played a role in the accident

By having pictures or videos, it will be very difficult for the other driver or their insurance company to dispute the facts of what happened.

Don't Believe the Insurance Company

When you are contacted by the other driver's insurance company, don't believe they are on your side. While it may appear as if they are, the fact is they are simply trying to get you to agree to a quick settlement for far less than you will need and deserve. For example, while you will probably need money to currently cover medical bills and lost wages, you will also need money to cover future medical treatment, additional lost wages, and pain and suffering from the accident. Therefore, when contacted by an insurance company, never agree to anything, and instead refer all communication to your attorney.

Consult an Attorney

When it's time to settle your car accident injury claim, always utilize the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney with a track record of winning these cases. By doing so, you will immediately gain peace of mind, and have legal representation that will ensure your rights are protected. Rather than settle your car accident injury claim on your own and lose money, let a skilled attorney help you gain the full and fair compensation you deserve.

What Are Advantages Of Finding A Vape Lounge Near Me?

As vaping grows in popularity, more and more e-cig retail outlets are being opened to meet the growing demand. Initially, vaping enthusiasts could only access e-cig supplies through online stores. However, today we are seeing more and more physical store locations coming up, dedicated to serving local customers. One of the main questions e-cig enthusiasts are now asking themselves is, Are there any benefits of buying e-cig supplies from a vape lounge near me?

Below you will find some of the main benefits of buying vaping supplies from an e-cig store or lounge in your location.

Test Before You Buy

One of the main benefits of buying e-cigarette supplies from a vaping lounge near you is that you get to test all the products before you buy. Instead of taking a chance when it comes to buying e-cigarettes or e-juice, vaping lounges usually allow consumers to test the products before they make a purchase. This ensures that you are purchasing products that work, and that you will actually enjoy.

Since vaping is a relatively new practice to most people, product demonstrations usually go a long way in helping enthusiasts learn how to use all the supplies. Although you can watch online instructional videos and demos, nothing beats a one-on-on demonstration, in person. Customers can be able to ask any questions they might have, as well as touching and feeling the products for added familiarity. Shop staff can also recommend products to you once they know what you are looking for.

Support On-Site

Just like any other industry, it is common for e-cig enthusiasts to have questions about the products they buy, and their warranties from time to time. Buying your products from a local vaping lounge gives you the opportunity to seek support on site. You do not have to deal with any annoying customer representatives.

Immediately Available

In case you ran out of e-cig supplies abruptly, a vaping lounge close to your location provides an immediate source of supplies. You do not have to wait for shipping, or even bear with any shipping costs before you can get your fix.

Knowledgeable Attendants

The best local vaping lounge will always have knowledgeable and experienced staff members on hand to help customers. These experts have in depth knowledge that proves useful to both beginners and experienced vaping enthusiasts alike.

The above list of benefits goes a long way in answering any vaping enthusiast asking themselves What is the benefit of looking for a vape lounge near me?

What Should I Give The Insurance Company To Maximize My Case Recovery?

One point is necessary to bear in mind, no two cases are the identical. When one case results in a specific recovery for one plaintiff this doesn't mean that your claim is worth the same simply because you were associated in the same accident. There are lots of factors and it is sometimes simply the destiny of the draw past the factors themselves.

If you conclude your case it will likely be concluded in one of three manners-- arbitration or mediation, trial by a jury or judge, or settlement before filing suit. Now lets consider some of the damage factors to value a car wreck case.

Pain and Suffering. Pain and suffering is the hurt which you suffered as a result of your injury. It's the pain affiliated with a broken bone or the pain associated with injury to the back or neck as an example. In a trial a jury or the judge will put a specific dollar amount on that specific recoverable damage. In most jurisdictions, including Maryland, pain and suffering damages are capped at a specific dollar amount irregardless how dreadful an injury may be. You can thank your legislature for their foresight in capping damages in horrific cases that deserve more than a capped amount.

Another significant factor to think about in case value is permanency or permanent injury to the person. Permanency is the level of impairment that doesn't go away, but instead is life long as an effect of the injury. This particular kind of damage is very important because the fact finder is looking at a life time loss to the individual which means a calculation must be done year by year for the rest of one's life. This can turn into much bigger damage numbers. In any given case, your treating doctor will have to generate the decision as to what level of permanency you have sustained to a reasonable degree of medical probability.

Without a permanency claim for damages, damages will generally be restricted to soft tissue or short term injury. You will be paid for pain and suffering for the period of time you suffered. Essentially, if the treating doctor can not testify that you've got sustained a permanent injury to a reasonable degree of medical probability, or if there isn't any finding of a "long-term harm" by a doctor, the fact finder will probably be constrained on damages. Bear in mind that, economic damages such a medical bills incurred and lost wages are not limited like non-economic damages and are designed to compensate for all reasonable and foreseen economic loss resulting from the car crash.

Considering that the law is so specific regarding injuries and the medical documentation, it is important to follow your treating doctors' recommendations for your own course of treatment. Be certain you inform your doctor in specific detail, about all your injuries because if you fail to do so, it will not be documented and if its not documented, it never happened. Obviously, you don't over-exaggerate your claim to your medical provider but accuracy and detail is always important.

Acquiring A Pharmacy Technician License

One of the most intriguing careers in the medical industry at present is working as a pharmacy technician. Working together with a licensed pharmacist, a pharmacy technician is responsible for dispensing medications and answering the inquiries of the general public. He can have jobs at different facilities like hospitals, drugstores and nursing homes. Those who are qualified usually get compensated well and are rewarded with a fulfilling career.

One of the requirements for practicing in this field is a license. This is where acquiring a pharmacy technician license comes into the picture. Here are the steps on how you can acquire yours.

1. Complete educational requirements - You need to achieve a certain level of education for you to be qualified to apply for a license. Complete a pharmacy technician program, whether it is a degree or certificate program. Completing one usually takes 1 to 2 years, and some schools even offer online courses. Among the things you can expect to learn from these programs are medical terminology, pharmacology, human physiology, and pharmacy laws.

2. Complete on-the-job training - Another requirement for acquiring a pharmacy technician license is to have on-the-job experience. You need to know exactly what you should do once you are placed in a clinical setting, and thats where your on-the-job training comes into the picture. Most programs allow you to gain experience as a pharmacy technician. You can also choose to take on-the-job training as a separate course.

3. Apply for the test - Once you have complied with all the prerequisites, its time to apply for the licensure exam in your state or country. A quick online search will help you find the requirements you need to pass to have your application accepted. Payment for the examination fee, as well as paperwork such as proof of degree/certification, should be settled after completing the application form. Some applications nowadays can be completed online.

4. Study for the exam Preparing for the test is a must. The more prepared you are, the better your odds of passing the licensure exam. Because of the limited time to review, you need to plan your review sessions well. You also need to study all the topics covered by the test. You can also answer practice examinations to gauge your level of preparedness and have an idea on how the questions will be asked. Enrolling in a review course is optional, but it can play to your advantage.

5. Pass the test - Of course, to get your license, you need to pass the exam. Make sure to know about the basics such as the time and date of the examination, the room where you are taking it, and the things you are allowed (and not allowed) to bring in the exam room. Technician exams in some countries can now be taken online, and they are usually timed. Time management, concentration and confidence are some of the things you need to navigate the test effectively. Having these qualities can increase your chances of passing.

That is basically how you can acquire your pharmacy technician license. Make sure to check on how your local examination works as applications, test contents, requirements and rules tend to vary from one state to another.

Tips On How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

A career as a pharmacy tech or pharmacy technician is a great opportunity to get in the health care industry. A pharmacy tech works in a pharmacy, usually under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They work together, but have different levels of responsibilities and duties. In other words, a pharmacist has more authority compared to a pharmacy technician. However, limited authority does not mean lesser job requirements. There are still job specifications that need to be met by an aspiring pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technicians duties and responsibilities include receiving and processing of approved prescriptions from patients, providing information to customers, processing insurance claims, filling prescriptions and paperwork, and checking and stocking the inventory among others. The scope of the pharmacy tech duties may depend on the supervising pharmacists discretion. Here are some tips on how to become a pharmacy tech. 1. Education and knowledge requirements you can become a pharmacy technician with a high school diploma, but you may want to further advance your knowledge and skills if you really want to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. Skills like counting and measuring the right amount of medication, managing inventories, and completing dosage forms entails more training and studies than what is learned in high school. Enrolling in a pharmacy technician program is necessary. These programs prepare you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam. This exam will give you more credibility and leverage when you start your career as a pharmacy technician. Just make sure that the vocational college or online program that you enroll in is legitimate and accredited. 2. Experience There is no better training than practical training. You can learn a lot of things in training programs but working as a pharmacy assistant can give you hands-on experience that can prepare you for your future duties as a pharmacy technician. Some states even require hundreds of hours of experience working in a pharmacy. 3. Certification - The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam is the only way to be a certified pharmacy technician. To take the exam, you will need to comply with PTCB certification policies. This includes having a clean criminal record and being registered with the State Board of Pharmacy. Once you pass the PTCB exam, you will be eligible for employment as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacies may say that they do not require a certified pharmacy technician, but most of them will prioritize certified applicants over non-certified ones. 4. Job application - In terms of where to apply for a pharmacy tech position, you can start checking out the licensed pharmacies in your area immediately after you pass the certification exam. You can either choose to start small (i.e. community pharmacy, outpatient clinics) or immediately go to a hospital or a pharmaceutical organization. Either way, you will be more than capable to get the job when you have the right training, certification, and experience. If you truly want to be a pharmacy technician, you have to take the time to learn the ropes and get the necessary training and certifications. There are no shortcuts to success in this field. Your preparation and continuous improvement of your skills and knowledge will be your investment towards a rewarding pharmacy technician career.

Golden Nuggets From The Trail, Part 2

How can you make nature trekking easier and more enjoyable for everyone in your family?

In our last blog post we talked about the importance of being a good leader especially when youre out in the wilderness with other people. We learned that assertiveness, calmness and logical thinking can get you out of the tightest situations.

What makes a good outdoorsman and survivalist ?

In addition to acquiring the special skills that will allow you to survive in austere environments, truly great outdoorsmen possess one thing that cannot be learned from books: the survivalist mindset.

The survivalist mindset is calm, focused and intelligent. It assesses all situations comprehensively and is centered on creating solutions, not more problems.

Developing a survivalist mindset isnt difficult at all; in fact, even young children can learn to be calm and solution-oriented.

Wilderness Nuggets

Are you ready for todays collection of tips? Here they are:

1. Start Eating Weeds If you want to become a truly great outdoorsman and survivalist, you have to be aware of the essential edibles that can be found all around us. Sure, trapping small animals is ideal to get some much needed protein if youre fatigued and hungry. However, not everyone is trained to trap wild animals and if youre shaking from hunger, waiting another 1 or 2 hours for food may no longer be a viable option.

If you cant wait another minute for food and your resources are running low, keep these essential edibles in mind:

i.) Pine tree needles Can be used to make tea as it is naturally rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

ii.) Acorns Squirrels love acorns and so should you. You would have to boil them first before eating them as they can be very bitter. The bitterness comes from naturally-occurring tannins. If you can find a white oak in the area, harvest your acorns from that tree as the tree doesnt produce very high levels of tannins.

iii.) Cattails Peel young cattail shoot and eat the succulent and semi-sweet cores.

iv.) Clover leaves & roots Clover can be consumed like your regular salad fare. The roots and leaves of this plant are nutritious and very safe to eat. Avoid harvesting clover in areas where pesticide run off may be present.

v.) Yucca fruit and petals The small fruits of the yucca can be eaten fresh from the shrub. You can also cut away tender stems and peel them for the starch they contain. After peeling the yucca stems, be sure to boil them first before eating them.

vi.) Daisy leaves The young leaves of the daisy plant can be eaten (like clover leaves). If youre hankering for tea and dont mind the bitterness, you can pluck away the white petals of the flower too and use it as tea leaves.

2. Count Your Steps You can estimate the distance youve travelled so far by doing some simple conversions. The average adults stride length is 30 inches or 2.5 feet. 1 mile of stable, flat ground will require about 2,112 steps (assuming that your stride is no less than 30 inches in length).

Wearing a pedometer (a walking counter) will help you determine how many steps youve taken to walk from point A to point B. This type of orienteering is extremely useful if youre using an old fashioned map that has been triangulated with miles/kilometers.

3. Let Nature Heal You If you scratch or cut yourself while trekking and have no first aid kit nearby, Mother Nature can help you out:

i.) Sphagnum moss A favorite among American outdoorsmen, the sphagnum moss is Mother Natures answer to sterile gauze and dressings.

Sphagnum moss is naturally absorbent; as such it can be used to manage an open, bleeding wound. This moss also has powerful antibacterial properties which are very much needed when a person is wounded in the wilderness.

If you have some dressing with you but no clean gauze to absorb the blood or any exudate, place the sphagnum moss on top of the sterile dressing before applying bandages to secure all the layers.

ii.) Oregano If you find any oregano nearby, you can apply the crushed leaves on wounds to control bacteria too. If youre in pain, a strong oregano tea made with plenty of leaves will help with the pain.

Oregano contains not only antibacterial compounds but also anti-inflammatory agents that may help reduce tissue swelling. The oregano might not work as quickly as synthetic analgesics, but its natural and Mother Nature would really like you to try it!

Tips For Evaluating Brain Damage Solicitors

If you are in need of brain damage solicitors due to an accident you or a loved one was in, you need to know that you are getting the best help possible. This is a serious situation that you should not take lightly.

The first thing that you need to realize is that speaking to the insurance companies on your own and attempting to come to an agreement in that way is unlikely to work out well for you. Unfortunately, the way the system is set up, you will not be able to get appropriate compensation without legal aid.

You are likely to feel a great deal of pressure to get everything settled quickly. Whether you are the injured party or you are the responsible person for the one who has suffered brain injuries, you will have medical and other bills piling up in related to the accident.

The pressure to stop these people from ruining your credit can be immense and making a fast settlement with an insurance company can be very tempting. However, the amount that is being offered is usually less than you are entitled to receive. It might appear like a large amount, but do not allow yourself to be deceived.

Instead, you should find a list of brain damage solicitors that serve your area and research the reputation of each of them. Once you have determined the best one for your needs, you can refer creditors and other agencies to them, taking the burden away from you and your home. If you are looking for an exceptional solicitor, barrister Bill Braithwaite will be able to offer expert advice on how to handle these types of cases.

The solicitors who work in this field understand what legal compensation looks like based on multiple factors, including the age and education of the victim. The current and future wages are an issue, as is the quality of life in many cases.

The specifics surrounding your brain injury case will determine the best way to move forward. Gather all of the information you have that is relevant to the case and present it to the well-reputed solicitor of your choice. Do not speak to representatives of the insurance or other agencies.

Once you have obtained legal representation, you can focus your attention on healing the damage that has been done and rebuilding your life within the new parameters brought on by the accident. Allow your solicitor to handle the legal technicalities for you and your family so you can all have a brighter future!

Fruit And Vegetables - For A Healthier And Happier Live

Fruit And Vegetables - For a healthier and happier live

We know that fruit and vegetables are healthy and give numerous advantages to our bodies. But do you know that eating a few more serves of fruit and vegetables can lift your flat feelings?

Study Researchers at the University of Warwick in England studying the mental, physical health, socio-economic status and healthy behaviours of 14,000 people who had filled out surveys looked at the amount of fruit and vegetables they ate. They found that people who had a higher score in mental wellbeing ate more fruit and vegetables. According to Dr. Saverio Stranges, the data suggests that people who had the higher consumption of fruit and vegetables, the lower the chance of having low mental wellbeing. These findings tell us that fruit and vegetables are not only good for us in a physical sense, but also play a potential role in mental wellbeing. Good mental wellbeing was defined as feeling great and generally functioning well. These people said that they felt happy, had good self-esteem, resilience and relationships.

Results 34% of respondents who reported a high mental wellbeing said they ate five or more servings of fruit and vegetables, 31% ate three to four portions, 28% ate one or two and 7% ate about one. It was also found that people who smoked and ate a good percentage of fruit and vegetables had the highest association with mental wellbeing, while alcohol consumption and obesity didnt have the same effect. Around the world mental illness is very costly to the individual and the society. The lack of mental wellbeing supports many physical diseases, having an unhealthy live style and social inequalities drags down the economies. Due to these findings it is important that researchers begin to understand further what happens when we have or dont have a higher fruit and vegetable diet.

Conclusion Although these results have been from a minor study, it does add to the evidence that fruit and vegetable intake is good for ones health. Although, more research needs to be done, these findings give an extra positive view on the consumption of fruit and vegetables. These new findings will also help people realise that a diet high in fruit and vegetables apart from a likelihood of being able to enhance their mental wellbeing at the same time as preventing heart disease and cancer it can also be cheaper to feed a family. One study that may be interesting would be to survey vegetarians and vegans, to see how these results compare to people that dont eat meat.

7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

Are you doing fitness? Would you like to be more effective? Follow the steps below and improve your effectiveness.

1. Identify the program that applies to you the most. Not everyone is the same, apart from body structure and family genes you may have a permanent disability that may restrict you to do some routines/exercises. You may have daily responsibilities that can limit you with your fitness program.

2. Try to be realistic with your targets/goals. Spend some time to think about the body you would be happy with and the time needed to achieve it. The program should be attainable and not stressful. Think about the probable blocks or interruptions you may encounter in your daily living that could slow down the progress. This will help you select the most satisfactory program, one that you can follow and eventually give you the goals you want. 3. Work on the major muscles first. The reason is simple; when you work on the major muscles you will burn a greater number of calories which in turn reduces the fats in your body. Learn what exercises work best on certain parts of the body, especially if you have problem areas.

4. Work your muscles hard. The above is not a misprint. Dont go to a workout and treated like a walk in the park. By working your muscles hard, you will get satisfactory results and get closer to your goal. Keep a daily log of your routines and this will help you progress by increasing your routines from the previous data. This is a good idea because it doesnt just give you the progress, but it also tells you what you have achieved.

5. The normal set is 10 to 12 repetitions One repetition or rep (as the more advance people call it) is one lift, push or curl. Try to do the reps with as little momentum as you can. What I mean, is not to use momentum of one rep to the next, make each rep an individual exercise. Therefore, as an example if you are doing dead lifts; it will be up hold for one second then down, similar to a robots motion. This technique will make your muscles work harder, use more energy to achieve the rep and achieve your goals quicker.

6. As you progress, increase the variety of exercise All exercise programs have a variety of exercises that can be varied to keep you motivated and interested. Changing your routines will keep you from getting bored, losing interest and use a larger variety of muscles to give you a more rounded workout.

7. Be Motivated! Motivation can be hard specially when other issues and responsibilities turn up, but there are ways to help you keep going. One of the better ways is to team up with a friend or partner, that way you can motivate and help each other with the exercises. It also gives you a feeling of responsibility to not let he or she down.