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Golden Nuggets From The Trail, Part 2

How can you make nature trekking easier and more enjoyable for everyone in your family?

In our last blog post we talked about the importance of being a good leader especially when youre out in the wilderness with other people. We learned that assertiveness, calmness and logical thinking can get you out of the tightest situations.

What makes a good outdoorsman and survivalist ?

In addition to acquiring the special skills that will allow you to survive in austere environments, truly great outdoorsmen possess one thing that cannot be learned from books: the survivalist mindset.

The survivalist mindset is calm, focused and intelligent. It assesses all situations comprehensively and is centered on creating solutions, not more problems.

Developing a survivalist mindset isnt difficult at all; in fact, even young children can learn to be calm and solution-oriented.

Wilderness Nuggets

Are you ready for todays collection of tips? Here they are:

1. Start Eating Weeds If you want to become a truly great outdoorsman and survivalist, you have to be aware of the essential edibles that can be found all around us. Sure, trapping small animals is ideal to get some much needed protein if youre fatigued and hungry. However, not everyone is trained to trap wild animals and if youre shaking from hunger, waiting another 1 or 2 hours for food may no longer be a viable option.

If you cant wait another minute for food and your resources are running low, keep these essential edibles in mind:

i.) Pine tree needles Can be used to make tea as it is naturally rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

ii.) Acorns Squirrels love acorns and so should you. You would have to boil them first before eating them as they can be very bitter. The bitterness comes from naturally-occurring tannins. If you can find a white oak in the area, harvest your acorns from that tree as the tree doesnt produce very high levels of tannins.

iii.) Cattails Peel young cattail shoot and eat the succulent and semi-sweet cores.

iv.) Clover leaves & roots Clover can be consumed like your regular salad fare. The roots and leaves of this plant are nutritious and very safe to eat. Avoid harvesting clover in areas where pesticide run off may be present.

v.) Yucca fruit and petals The small fruits of the yucca can be eaten fresh from the shrub. You can also cut away tender stems and peel them for the starch they contain. After peeling the yucca stems, be sure to boil them first before eating them.

vi.) Daisy leaves The young leaves of the daisy plant can be eaten (like clover leaves). If youre hankering for tea and dont mind the bitterness, you can pluck away the white petals of the flower too and use it as tea leaves.

2. Count Your Steps You can estimate the distance youve travelled so far by doing some simple conversions. The average adults stride length is 30 inches or 2.5 feet. 1 mile of stable, flat ground will require about 2,112 steps (assuming that your stride is no less than 30 inches in length).

Wearing a pedometer (a walking counter) will help you determine how many steps youve taken to walk from point A to point B. This type of orienteering is extremely useful if youre using an old fashioned map that has been triangulated with miles/kilometers.

3. Let Nature Heal You If you scratch or cut yourself while trekking and have no first aid kit nearby, Mother Nature can help you out:

i.) Sphagnum moss A favorite among American outdoorsmen, the sphagnum moss is Mother Natures answer to sterile gauze and dressings.

Sphagnum moss is naturally absorbent; as such it can be used to manage an open, bleeding wound. This moss also has powerful antibacterial properties which are very much needed when a person is wounded in the wilderness.

If you have some dressing with you but no clean gauze to absorb the blood or any exudate, place the sphagnum moss on top of the sterile dressing before applying bandages to secure all the layers.

ii.) Oregano If you find any oregano nearby, you can apply the crushed leaves on wounds to control bacteria too. If youre in pain, a strong oregano tea made with plenty of leaves will help with the pain.

Oregano contains not only antibacterial compounds but also anti-inflammatory agents that may help reduce tissue swelling. The oregano might not work as quickly as synthetic analgesics, but its natural and Mother Nature would really like you to try it!

Fruit And Vegetables - For A Healthier And Happier Live

Fruit And Vegetables - For a healthier and happier live

We know that fruit and vegetables are healthy and give numerous advantages to our bodies. But do you know that eating a few more serves of fruit and vegetables can lift your flat feelings?

Study Researchers at the University of Warwick in England studying the mental, physical health, socio-economic status and healthy behaviours of 14,000 people who had filled out surveys looked at the amount of fruit and vegetables they ate. They found that people who had a higher score in mental wellbeing ate more fruit and vegetables. According to Dr. Saverio Stranges, the data suggests that people who had the higher consumption of fruit and vegetables, the lower the chance of having low mental wellbeing. These findings tell us that fruit and vegetables are not only good for us in a physical sense, but also play a potential role in mental wellbeing. Good mental wellbeing was defined as feeling great and generally functioning well. These people said that they felt happy, had good self-esteem, resilience and relationships.

Results 34% of respondents who reported a high mental wellbeing said they ate five or more servings of fruit and vegetables, 31% ate three to four portions, 28% ate one or two and 7% ate about one. It was also found that people who smoked and ate a good percentage of fruit and vegetables had the highest association with mental wellbeing, while alcohol consumption and obesity didnt have the same effect. Around the world mental illness is very costly to the individual and the society. The lack of mental wellbeing supports many physical diseases, having an unhealthy live style and social inequalities drags down the economies. Due to these findings it is important that researchers begin to understand further what happens when we have or dont have a higher fruit and vegetable diet.

Conclusion Although these results have been from a minor study, it does add to the evidence that fruit and vegetable intake is good for ones health. Although, more research needs to be done, these findings give an extra positive view on the consumption of fruit and vegetables. These new findings will also help people realise that a diet high in fruit and vegetables apart from a likelihood of being able to enhance their mental wellbeing at the same time as preventing heart disease and cancer it can also be cheaper to feed a family. One study that may be interesting would be to survey vegetarians and vegans, to see how these results compare to people that dont eat meat.

You Need To Check This Out To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure consists of a couple of Readings. The top reading is the systolic number, and the bottom number is the diastolic reading. The systolic pressure indicates the pressure as your heart beats, and the diastolic pressure indicates the number of contractions. You can tell you have high blood pressure when your systolic number is over 130, and your diastolic number is over 85. But you don't necessarily need medication to lower your high blood pressure. You can lower blood pressure naturally. The first you would like to do is to lose some extra weight you are carrying. Many of us carry some extra weight. It's not sure as to what is the relation between being overweight and having higher blood pressure, but it has something to do with abnormalities in glucose. It's advised that people with extra weight must exercise for a minimum of half an hour a day for at least five days in a week. The exercise you do doesn't have to be anything wild and complicated, either. You can do yourself world of good by just walking for a half hour each day. Some of the benefits your body will see from your exercise regimen will include weight loss and decreased stress levels. Also, scientific studies have proven that doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis will make your heart stronger enabling it to pump your blood more efficiently and thus lowering your blood pressure. Therefore, you can see that exercise is a way to lower blood pressure naturally.

Diet is another step to lower blood pressure naturally. It is a major component for lowering high blood pressure. One must aim for a diet high in vegetables and whole grain products. Red meats and sweets are ok in moderation. A diet full of fruits and vegetables will lower blood pressure in as little as two weeks. It's also important to include supplements proven to lower blood pressure naturally. Your diet should also include supplements which can also help to lower blood pressure naturally. Less intake of Sodium can also lower the blood pressure levels in a natural way. Hence, how is much sodium intake you can reduce? It's advised to lower it down to around 1,500 milligrams a day which is half the National average. One teaspoon of salt has 1,200 milligrams of sodium in it. An important way to lower blood pressure naturally is to cut down on some drinks you consume. The less you drink, the lower your blood pressure will be. Now that is not to say you cannot drink at all. It is recommended one drink a day is fine but not more than that. Always drink in moderation whether you have high blood pressure or not.

One of the main causes of high blood pressure is caffeine. One must reduce intake of caffeine to bring down blood pressure. Blood pressure increases by 4 mm for every three cups of coffee that you take in a day. Caffeine causes more stress by tightening the blood vessels thereby increasing the blood pressure. As a result of the body being under stress, the heart starts to pump much faster-giving rise to high blood pressure. It is better to switch to decaf in case you want that cup of coffee in the morning. Another great way is the Natural dietary supplements that lower blood pressure naturally and maintain a healthy pressure. Supplements like L-arginine, grape seed extract, lycopene, and Pycnogenol have been clinically proven to help lower blood pressure. These are safe; natural supplements will not cause any harmful after effects with the positive benefits of better cardiovascular health. Taking these supplements on a daily basis will be your first step to a healthier lifestyle. You need to check this out for a healthy living away from Blood Pressure

Why Not Being Happy With Your Body Can Lead To Positive Change

Being satisfied with the status quo means you are not making any progress. -Katsuaki Watanabe

If there is one thing that will lead to improvement then that is Discontentment. A large number of people may frown at this context because of the negativity contained in it. But the logic is very simple by not being completely happy with his body, a man will continuously think as to what he can do to make it better and this thought can bring about an impetus to work hard and bring about the positive change.

If a man is too happy with his genetic endowment (his body), he may become lackadaisical and not bother about improving himself any further. Sometimes, he may become too laid back to maintain even a minimum hygiene and fitness level. This can land him in serious trouble.

Like all good habits, keeping fit, maintaining good personal hygiene and dressing up well can come only from practice. It is a conscious effort to look presentable at most times. It requires concerted behaviour for it to become a way of life. When a man starts to take the initiative, he will see a big difference in himself. This positive change will help him strive more towards achieving his goal.

Not everyone is blessed with Adonis looks. A very minuscule percentage of the population can look perennially youthful. For the majority, looking good and keeping fit requires lot of hard work over a long period of time. Additionally not everyone is blessed with a large endowment, but you can change that by adding several inches with ease using the sizegenetics device.

Here, it is in no way hinted to hate the body or any indication towards body shaming but on the contrary, the idea is that there is no saturation to looking good and being fit. A man must never stop the good work and must keep on pushing the envelope. If he feels that all his goals have been met, he must set newer goals. There is no reason to stop. But, there is always more room for improvement.

The person must make the positive changes through toil and sweat. It is all too easy to go under the surgeons scalpel and repair a flaw. But that will not be a permanent remedy; it is only a short cut. Besides, there is always the risk of side effects. Summing up, the successful way to looking good is only through hard work which has never killed anyone!

Learn How Meditation Can Make You More Productive

Reaching your long-term goals may sound like a challenge, but if you live a stress-free life, it is going to be a lot easier. Meditating on a daily basis can bring you many successes and you will be able to lead a fulfilling life. In this article, learn how meditation can make you more productive.

Firstly, improving focus and being mindful will help raise your awareness on the present moment. Rather than stressing about the past, focus on the future and be mindful about it. According to a 2012 study, the effects of mindfulness were tested on office workers. They were asked to carry out all types of tasks such as attending meetings, writing memos, and organizing schedules.

The participants were divided into three different groups, one of which agreed to undergo a 2-month mindfulness meditation course. Those who meditated during this period reported experiencing significantly higher positive emotions than those who did not meditate at all. They also found an improvement in concentration and a decrease in stress levels.

This type of study generally focused on broad types of meditation that are referred to as mindfulness. You are required to focus on your breathing or a single image or emotion. It may sound simple but once you realize how full your mind is, you will need more time to practice. Try and turn back your concentration on breathing, like a mantra.

According to advanced studies by university professors of Michigan, it was found that meditation helps people handle their stress better. When you begin meditating, your mind empties itself from all the built-up information and as a result, you will feel less stressed and more energized. Much of the stress is from spending too much time worrying about everyday happenings. In fact, people can get overloaded with too much information and emotions and the brain simply cannot handle it anymore.

Meditating on a regular basis helps keep the brain in tip top condition and gives it time to rest. You can digest information and emotions much better if you learn how to let go of unimportant matters in your life. It only takes ten minutes a day to meditate in a quiet room.

If you wish to learn some simple tips on how to meditate, start by focusing on your breathing. Sit in a quiet room and breathe in and out. If this is your first time, do not worry as you can always try again. By regularly practicing this simple technique, you will soon get the hang of it.

Guided meditation is another effective way of focusing on breathing and is perfect for people who have trouble concentrating. You can find various audio that is available online. Follow the instructions and concentrate on your breathing. With lots of practice, you will be able to enjoy your sessions and combine other meditations for maximizing peace and health.

While meditating, keep your mind as calm as possible. Give your total attention to deep breathing exercises while observing your conscious. This practice will make the breathing process effortless and give you much peace. Do not worry about your breathing pace as this does not matter. It is more important to keep everything as calm and natural as possible. The main thing is not to pressurize yourself and keep your inflow and outflow breathing normal.

Finally, there are many health benefits to meditation. Your productivity levels will be enhanced and you will feel refreshed all day long. It also enables you to maximize your energy levels and concentration. Investing some time into this practice will keep you active and productive. This is especially beneficial if you lead a stressful lifestyle.

How Can Relaxation Help You?

There are some obvious changes in our body response to a stressful situation were in. When we are under stress, high tension is in our muscles, blood pressure and heart rate rise, performance and productivity decrease at work, there is a drop of energy and many other symptoms may occur as well. Also, our mind works differently. We feel anxious, depressed or preoccuppied with worries.

On the other hand, when our body and mind are relaxed we leave the space for their self-healing and revitalizing. If we think of ourselves as vibrational beings, the relaxation can help us in raising our vibrational level, too. We know how it is to be in the company of happy, inspiring and non-judgemental people. They are simply glowing. We may even feel the difference in the air around us. They have a high frequency vibration and every cell of their body vibrates on a higher level.

If we look at our actions, thoughts,feelings, body and the whole being we can take conscious steps to the glowing health, harmony and peace that are always within us.

Listening music is one of the perfect tools for achieving relaxation, rest and well-being. The sounds are also vibrations and every animate and inanimate creation in the universe vibrate at a particular frequency. When we listen the water sounds such as the whooshing sound of ocean, the regular wave patterns of rainfall or babbling brook, we become calm and relaxed. Our brainwaves go along with the rhythm of water. Nature inside of us is the nature outside of us. The beats of deep relaxation, rest and harmony are always within us. While we listen the soothing sounds, we become one with the sound. Our breath becomes one with the sound and the thoughts vanish away.

Guided imagery meditation is another powerful tool that directs one into the focused and relaxed states of mind. One can listen his/her preferable audio, read its script or do it one-on-one or in a group with the help of an instructor, like Jason Stephenson. When images form in our mind while we e.g. listen the audio guide, our mind does not make a difference whether they actually happen or not. The images, events and everything that accompanies them seem real to our mind. At some point, our imagination takes over and it leads us to our symbolic insights and unique experiences.

We can be guided to imagine how we walk at the beach, feel the sand on our feet, smell the sea air, hear the waves crashing on the cliff and so on. In this way all the senses are engaged in. Our body and mind change in the positive direction toward healing, clarity, creativity, improving performance and learning.

Sore Muscles? Consider This!

According to Bryan College Station Chiropractic Expert and Board Certified Chiropractic orthopedist David Bailey, as individuals age, they start to complain more of discomforts in their muscles as well as joints. They seem to stiffen up with age, and also such typical activities as picking up the morning paper could make them suffer some significant pain.

Such discomfort could be so bad that they feel it begins deep in their bones. Yet the real cause of stiffness and also discomfort exists not in the joints or bones, says research at the Johns Hopkins Medical School, but in the soft tissues that stabilize and move the joints.

Stiff joints create inflammation when moved to a certain extent, and this causes the pain and swelling in the joints. Click to read more on Dr. Bailey's website.

Flexibility is the medical term used to describe the value of a joint's motion from complete motion in one direction to complete motion in the opposite way. The better the range of motion (ROM), the much more flexible the joint.

If you bend forward at the hips and also touch your toes with your fingertips, you have great ROM of the hip joints. But is that motion easy and without pain? The effort needed to bend a joint is equally as crucial as its range of movement.

Various elements limit the ROM and also ease of activity in various joints and also muscles. In the joint such as the knee, the bony structure itself establishes a certain limitation. In other joints, such as the ankle joint, hip, and back, the soft tissue-- muscular tissue as well as connective tissue-- limit the motion not the bones.

When people do not use their joints to their full ROM, then they gradually lose the ability to do that very task. Over time the joints get stiff, and eventually their ability to move about, dress themselves, do personal care like toileting gets lost. Their independence is lost. They must ask for assistance for even the most private of personal care.

Exactly what occurs next is that the muscle mass end up being reduced with long term disuse as well as produces convulsions as well as aches that can be irritating and incredibly uncomfortable. The immobilization of muscles, as researchers have actually demonstrated with laboratory animals, brings about biochemical adjustments in the tissue.

However, other aspects trigger aching muscular tissues. Below are several of them:

1. Exercising Beyond Capacity

Have you always believed on the saying, No pain, no gain? If you do, then, it is not so surprising if you have already experienced sore muscles.

The problem with most people is that they exercise too much thinking that it is the fastest and the surest way to lose weight. Until they ache, they tend to ignore their muscles and connective tissue, even though they are what quite literally holds the body together.

2. Aging and Inactivity

Connective tissue binds muscle to bone by tendons, binds bone to bone by ligaments, and covers and unites muscles with sheaths called fasciae. With age, the tendons, ligaments, and fasciae become less extensible. The tendons, with their densely packed fibers, are the most difficult to stretch. The easiest are the fasciae. But if they are not stretched to improve joint mobility, the fasciae shorten, placing undue pressure on the nerve pathways in the muscle fasciae. Many aches and pains are the result of nerve impulses traveling along these pressured pathways.

3. Immobility

Sore muscles or muscle pain can be excruciating, owing to the bodys reaction to a cramp or ache. In this reaction, called the splinting reflex, the body automatically immobilizes a sore muscle by making it contract. Thus, a sore muscle can set off a vicious cycle pain.

First, an unused muscle becomes sore from exercise or being held in an unusual position. The body then responds with the splinting reflex, shortening the connective tissue around the muscle. This cause more pain, and eventually the whole area is aching. One of the most common sites for this problem is the lumbar spine area.

4. Spasm Theory

In the physiology laboratory at the University of Southern California, some people have set out to learn more about this cycle of pain.

They measured electrical activity in the muscles. The researchers knew that normal, well-relaxed muscles produce no electrical activity, whereas, muscles that are not fully relaxed show considerable activity.

In one experiment, the researchers measured these electrical signals in the muscles of persons with athletic injuries, first with the muscle immobilized, and then, after the muscle had been stretched.

In almost every case, exercises that stretched or lengthened the muscle diminished electrical activity and relieved pain, either totally or partially.

These experiments led to the spasm theory, an explanation of the development and persistence of muscle pain in the absence of any obvious cause, such as traumatic injury.

According to this theory, a muscle that is overworked or used in an improper position becomes fatigued and as a result, muscle pain arises.

Hence, it is extremely important to know the limitations and capacity of the muscles in order to avoid sore muscles. This goes to show that there is no truth in the saying, No pain, no gain. What matters most is on how people stay fit by exercising regularly at a normal range than once rarely but on a rigid routine.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is intended to be used as a substitute for advice of a physician. Do not modify your diet, exercises, or medications without first seeking the advice of a physician. Information on this site is for information purposes only. No claims have been approved by the FDA unless otherwise indicated.

Are You Fed Up With Being Sick And Tired?

As a College Station Tx chiropractor, I can ask: Is it not time for you to feel well again?

Nobody wants to be sick, so why are there so many sick and tired (or worse) people around. It seems that despite the best medical care in the world we are getting sicker. Maybe the system needs to change, change from a sickness care industry, to a system that actually increases your health and well being. How likely is that to happen?

Consider for a moment what would happen to all the huge pharmaceutical and food business incomes if 80 % people stopped acquiring their medications and extremely processed foods due to the fact that we would certainly have found a way to get healthy and also stay healthy and balanced. We would not need their items!

Think of the last time you sat down to view a favorite television program. I just bet you saw a pharmaceutical business promoting a new wonder drug (with significant adverse effects) and all you had to do was go ask your doctor for a prescription!

Exactly what's wrong with this system? Drug firms are asking us to see a physician to get their products? The advertising works too, but many people eventually find a number of the medicines are created to conceal or subdue the symptoms, not address the underlying causes. This creates a devastating cycle of great amounts of meds for chronic ailments with no relief in sight.

It absolutely looks like these companies create many of the medications to mask signs and symptoms as well as a result count on us acquiring an increasing number of their items gradually, which makes them in the sickness business.

In all fairness, there are some miraculous medications offered today that deliver incredible advantages to individuals needing essential life assistance and care. That tiny percentage of the populace who are undertaking life saving procedures, experiencing significant genetic disorders or fighting harmful disease or injury. Modern medications in these cases can be life savers.

Health care expenses are skyrocketing because people are getting sicker not more healthy.

Western health care allows us to tolerate migraine headaches, allergic reactions, stomach and also digestion distress, physical body pain, exhaustion, joint inflammation, and also hundreds of other all to common disorders. It goes like this: Here's a prescription, simply take a couple of pills, tand everything will be Ok yet for over 80% of people, it's not always so.

Scientific research now informs us that there is a real relationship between the quality of our diet and the quality of our health. Understanding this is a huge step in the right direction, and chiropractic care can help.

One major barrier to the health of the population in the relentless advertising od drugs directy to comsumers, as well as fast food commercials offering cheap and tasty, but harmful food full of manyfactured calories. Even the avaerage child in the United States and Canada today is pestered with over 40,000 TELEVISION advertisements a year.

The strategies are the same for you as well as me, while more mature, yet no much less impactful. Medication manufacturers remain in the news with announcements of items being removed from the marketplace because of unforeseen and severe side-effects in a significant number of users. In a vast majority of cases today, pharmaceutical medicines are developed in a lab to be extremely focused on concealing signs, not attacking the causes of illness.

One of the greatest blunders we could make when purchasing a medication is to check out the advantages, without taking into consideration the side effects of the item; negative effects that can have long-term implications. Many of the preferred prescription and OTC drugs can harm your stomach, liver as well as kidneys, and could also trigger interior bleeding. What's worse, numerous over-the-counter (OTC) treatments just mask the symptoms and also can really slow tissue healing as well as bodily harm in the long run. So you're slowing your physical body's capacity to recover itself, you've invested countless dollars monthly on products that really did not help, and you still suffer with the exhaustion and also pain anyhow.

Take into consideration the wisdom of those who have actually preceded us.

The concept of wellness dates back lots of countless years as well as there are frequent examples in past history of people that have acknowledged and pursued nutrition as an essential ingredient of health.

So Just what Has Changed

At the beginning of the 20th century, restaurants were rare while today, they are prevalent in every segment our society and also we invest a substantial amount of our earnings on eating out which good information for dining establishments, especially fast food dining establishments!

Nonetheless, preceeding the very early 20th century, most people ate home cooked dishes, and also while our great grandparents, and theirs, did not have the large diversity of food options we have today, they had the foods that were much more nutritionally dense than our foods are today.

Today our foods are largely grown or grown in nutritionally deficient soils that require toxic chemicals as well as are extremely refined and ehnanced with ingredients such as manufactured fats, added sugars as well as salt. Sure those highly improved products tastes good, yet at what price?

The unfortunate outcome of food today is that the majority of people are gradually starving on an abundant supply of highly refined nutrient deficient food!

Today 3 active ingredients, fat, sugar and also sodium are so plentiful, and also help to create processed foods that taste so great, that we are gradually losing our ability to taste real food.

TRUTH: Excellent nutrition is fundamental to health and wellness.

Food in today's modern world is more a disease delivery system that nutrition for bodily health.

Eat better. Feel better. Live better.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is intended to be used as a substitute for advice of a physician. Do not modify your diet, exercises, or medications without first seeking the advice of a physician. Information on this site is for information purposes only. No claims have been approved by the FDA unless otherwise indicated.

Keeping Safe In An Assisted Living Scottsdale Facility

Scottsdale, Arizona is nicknamed The Wests Most Western Town. Known for its late night and hotel scenes, its also home to many assisted living facilities. Scottsdale is not one of the most populated cities in the West Coast with a population of only around 230,500 people.

It is known for its comfortable and healthy assisted living facilities. Some facilities have taken it a step further and have constructed private villages for senior citizens. These places are complete with all the amenities including shopping and entertainment centers.

Assisted living Scottsdale has become a flourishing industry and many flock to retire there. For a senior who has chosen to live in an assisted living facility, its important that he not only feels comfortable but is also safe.

Here are some ways that a person can ensure that their senior loved one stays safe while in the assisted living Scottsdale facility.

* Keeping clutter free A senior need to be careful when moving about the facility and his room. A person visiting his senior loved one could help by removing or moving anything that could cause his loved one to trip or fall. Electrical or extension cords, small stools, or any trash on the floor are the usual culprits.

* Checking a seniors daily routine In assisted living Scottsdale facilities, staff members are there to help if a senior is having difficulty in any tasks. Observing and checking to see if a senior can get through the daily routine without any mishaps is important. If a senior loved one needs help doing even the most basic this as eating, drinking, dressing, and other grooming habits, it is best to make prior arrangements with the staff for regular assistance. Its also important for a person to check if his senior loved one has easy access to a call-for-help button. He should check if theres a button within easy reach from the bed or any other sitting places. Some assisted living Scottsdale facilities have buttons that could be worn around the wrist or the neck.

* Talk about emergency plans or other evacuation procedures Staff members should discuss any emergency procedures with the residents of the assisted living Scottsdale facility. A person should ask his senior loved one if he knows these procedures and also ask the staff members the step-by-step process. It would also be good to discuss these procedures with the senior from time to time. Some people also take time to practice these procedures with their senior loved ones.