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Golden Nuggets From The Trail, Part 2

How can you make nature trekking easier and more enjoyable for everyone in your family?

In our last blog post we talked about the importance of being a good leader especially when youre out in the wilderness with other people. We learned that assertiveness, calmness and logical thinking can get you out of the tightest situations.

What makes a good outdoorsman and survivalist ?

In addition to acquiring the special skills that will allow you to survive in austere environments, truly great outdoorsmen possess one thing that cannot be learned from books: the survivalist mindset.

The survivalist mindset is calm, focused and intelligent. It assesses all situations comprehensively and is centered on creating solutions, not more problems.

Developing a survivalist mindset isnt difficult at all; in fact, even young children can learn to be calm and solution-oriented.

Wilderness Nuggets

Are you ready for todays collection of tips? Here they are:

1. Start Eating Weeds If you want to become a truly great outdoorsman and survivalist, you have to be aware of the essential edibles that can be found all around us. Sure, trapping small animals is ideal to get some much needed protein if youre fatigued and hungry. However, not everyone is trained to trap wild animals and if youre shaking from hunger, waiting another 1 or 2 hours for food may no longer be a viable option.

If you cant wait another minute for food and your resources are running low, keep these essential edibles in mind:

i.) Pine tree needles Can be used to make tea as it is naturally rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C.

ii.) Acorns Squirrels love acorns and so should you. You would have to boil them first before eating them as they can be very bitter. The bitterness comes from naturally-occurring tannins. If you can find a white oak in the area, harvest your acorns from that tree as the tree doesnt produce very high levels of tannins.

iii.) Cattails Peel young cattail shoot and eat the succulent and semi-sweet cores.

iv.) Clover leaves & roots Clover can be consumed like your regular salad fare. The roots and leaves of this plant are nutritious and very safe to eat. Avoid harvesting clover in areas where pesticide run off may be present.

v.) Yucca fruit and petals The small fruits of the yucca can be eaten fresh from the shrub. You can also cut away tender stems and peel them for the starch they contain. After peeling the yucca stems, be sure to boil them first before eating them.

vi.) Daisy leaves The young leaves of the daisy plant can be eaten (like clover leaves). If youre hankering for tea and dont mind the bitterness, you can pluck away the white petals of the flower too and use it as tea leaves.

2. Count Your Steps You can estimate the distance youve travelled so far by doing some simple conversions. The average adults stride length is 30 inches or 2.5 feet. 1 mile of stable, flat ground will require about 2,112 steps (assuming that your stride is no less than 30 inches in length).

Wearing a pedometer (a walking counter) will help you determine how many steps youve taken to walk from point A to point B. This type of orienteering is extremely useful if youre using an old fashioned map that has been triangulated with miles/kilometers.

3. Let Nature Heal You If you scratch or cut yourself while trekking and have no first aid kit nearby, Mother Nature can help you out:

i.) Sphagnum moss A favorite among American outdoorsmen, the sphagnum moss is Mother Natures answer to sterile gauze and dressings.

Sphagnum moss is naturally absorbent; as such it can be used to manage an open, bleeding wound. This moss also has powerful antibacterial properties which are very much needed when a person is wounded in the wilderness.

If you have some dressing with you but no clean gauze to absorb the blood or any exudate, place the sphagnum moss on top of the sterile dressing before applying bandages to secure all the layers.

ii.) Oregano If you find any oregano nearby, you can apply the crushed leaves on wounds to control bacteria too. If youre in pain, a strong oregano tea made with plenty of leaves will help with the pain.

Oregano contains not only antibacterial compounds but also anti-inflammatory agents that may help reduce tissue swelling. The oregano might not work as quickly as synthetic analgesics, but its natural and Mother Nature would really like you to try it!

Fruit And Vegetables - For A Healthier And Happier Live

Fruit And Vegetables - For a healthier and happier live

We know that fruit and vegetables are healthy and give numerous advantages to our bodies. But do you know that eating a few more serves of fruit and vegetables can lift your flat feelings?

Study Researchers at the University of Warwick in England studying the mental, physical health, socio-economic status and healthy behaviours of 14,000 people who had filled out surveys looked at the amount of fruit and vegetables they ate. They found that people who had a higher score in mental wellbeing ate more fruit and vegetables. According to Dr. Saverio Stranges, the data suggests that people who had the higher consumption of fruit and vegetables, the lower the chance of having low mental wellbeing. These findings tell us that fruit and vegetables are not only good for us in a physical sense, but also play a potential role in mental wellbeing. Good mental wellbeing was defined as feeling great and generally functioning well. These people said that they felt happy, had good self-esteem, resilience and relationships.

Results 34% of respondents who reported a high mental wellbeing said they ate five or more servings of fruit and vegetables, 31% ate three to four portions, 28% ate one or two and 7% ate about one. It was also found that people who smoked and ate a good percentage of fruit and vegetables had the highest association with mental wellbeing, while alcohol consumption and obesity didnt have the same effect. Around the world mental illness is very costly to the individual and the society. The lack of mental wellbeing supports many physical diseases, having an unhealthy live style and social inequalities drags down the economies. Due to these findings it is important that researchers begin to understand further what happens when we have or dont have a higher fruit and vegetable diet.

Conclusion Although these results have been from a minor study, it does add to the evidence that fruit and vegetable intake is good for ones health. Although, more research needs to be done, these findings give an extra positive view on the consumption of fruit and vegetables. These new findings will also help people realise that a diet high in fruit and vegetables apart from a likelihood of being able to enhance their mental wellbeing at the same time as preventing heart disease and cancer it can also be cheaper to feed a family. One study that may be interesting would be to survey vegetarians and vegans, to see how these results compare to people that dont eat meat.

7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

Are you doing fitness? Would you like to be more effective? Follow the steps below and improve your effectiveness.

1. Identify the program that applies to you the most. Not everyone is the same, apart from body structure and family genes you may have a permanent disability that may restrict you to do some routines/exercises. You may have daily responsibilities that can limit you with your fitness program.

2. Try to be realistic with your targets/goals. Spend some time to think about the body you would be happy with and the time needed to achieve it. The program should be attainable and not stressful. Think about the probable blocks or interruptions you may encounter in your daily living that could slow down the progress. This will help you select the most satisfactory program, one that you can follow and eventually give you the goals you want. 3. Work on the major muscles first. The reason is simple; when you work on the major muscles you will burn a greater number of calories which in turn reduces the fats in your body. Learn what exercises work best on certain parts of the body, especially if you have problem areas.

4. Work your muscles hard. The above is not a misprint. Dont go to a workout and treated like a walk in the park. By working your muscles hard, you will get satisfactory results and get closer to your goal. Keep a daily log of your routines and this will help you progress by increasing your routines from the previous data. This is a good idea because it doesnt just give you the progress, but it also tells you what you have achieved.

5. The normal set is 10 to 12 repetitions One repetition or rep (as the more advance people call it) is one lift, push or curl. Try to do the reps with as little momentum as you can. What I mean, is not to use momentum of one rep to the next, make each rep an individual exercise. Therefore, as an example if you are doing dead lifts; it will be up hold for one second then down, similar to a robots motion. This technique will make your muscles work harder, use more energy to achieve the rep and achieve your goals quicker.

6. As you progress, increase the variety of exercise All exercise programs have a variety of exercises that can be varied to keep you motivated and interested. Changing your routines will keep you from getting bored, losing interest and use a larger variety of muscles to give you a more rounded workout.

7. Be Motivated! Motivation can be hard specially when other issues and responsibilities turn up, but there are ways to help you keep going. One of the better ways is to team up with a friend or partner, that way you can motivate and help each other with the exercises. It also gives you a feeling of responsibility to not let he or she down.

Preparing Your Family For Disasters, Part 1

How can you begin preparing your family for different disasters?

All types of disasters share the following key characteristics: (1) they can cause mass panic and chaos in affected communities, (2) some disasters can affect the availability of clean water, gas supply lines and electricity and (3) many disasters are unpredictable and extremely difficult to control, especially if the disaster is caused by Mother Nature herself.

With these three undeniable facts in mind, it's obvious that the most essential step in survival training, if you already have a family, is to prepare each family member for the onset of different disaster as soon as possible.

In order to be fully prepared, you should consider natural and manmade disasters as potential dangers at any point during the year.

Why should you be vigilant about disasters?

The fact of the matter is that disasters tend to strike quickly and without warning; this applies to both natural and manmade disasters. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding can wipe out whole sections of mega cities easily - that's how powerful nature is.

To ensure your family's survival they need to be conditioned to adapt the survival mindset so they will be calm and confident during an actual disaster.

What is your first line of defense during a disaster?

Your first line of defense during a disaster is your knowledge of disaster preparedness and the emergency supplies, tools and equipment that you've prepared in advance. Disaster supply kits are invaluable during an actual disaster, most especially if you have to evacuate your family to a safer location.

What is a disaster supply kit?

A disaster supply kit isn't just a box filled with food and water.

It should be a complete survival system that also contains medicine and various survival tools and emergency supplies.

There should ideally be two disaster supply kits: a large, comprehensive one that is closest to your family (at home) and an emergency disaster kit that should have a permanent place in your family vehicle.

The kit/s at home should contain the most valuable supplies, tools and equipment. You can revise and modify your disaster kit/s whenever you wish.

The one in the car is a contingency kit that you can use in the event that you are unable to utilize the one at home (e.g. you have no more time to gather the kit before evacuating). It should also be equipped with essential items such as canned & dried food, water purifying tablets, etc.

What are the most essential items in a disaster kit?

The most important supplies in a disaster kit are food and water.

When you're stockpiling food for a disaster kit, make sure that the food is familiar, easy to open and consume and sealed. There is no need to buy unfamiliar food such as military-style rations.

The psychological impact of any disaster can be severe so it would help greatly if your family can reach for food they're familiar with. Just having something that is familiar can help a distraught family member mentally recover from the trauma of being in the middle of a disaster.

While many people stock canned or boxed food for disasters, you can also explore canning and preserving food for later use. Knowing how to preserve food is an excellent way to be self-sufficient. Plus, homemade preserved food is more natural and healthier than processed food items!

What type of food should be kept in a disaster kit?

The type of food store in a disaster kit should be: nutritious, high in calories, easy to consume and can be readily stored again. It can be difficult to find a variety of food items that have these exact characteristics so just try your best to find food that will sustain your family for at least 10 days.

I've met some survivalists who store at least six months worth of food items in their own survival stashes.

Six months worth of food may sound excessive but the key point here is that you're preparing for uncertain conditions after a disaster. You never know the conditions of your community after a disaster so having plenty of stored food is a logical choice if you're preparing for an emergency.

If you are unsure as to how you can go about preparing for a disaster, I highly recommend speaking to your family about it so that you can plan and implement as a unit.

During a disaster, you have to learn to trust and depend on each other so that everyone can stay safe.

You Need To Check This Out To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure consists of a couple of Readings. The top reading is the systolic number, and the bottom number is the diastolic reading. The systolic pressure indicates the pressure as your heart beats, and the diastolic pressure indicates the number of contractions. You can tell you have high blood pressure when your systolic number is over 130, and your diastolic number is over 85. But you don't necessarily need medication to lower your high blood pressure. You can lower blood pressure naturally. The first you would like to do is to lose some extra weight you are carrying. Many of us carry some extra weight. It's not sure as to what is the relation between being overweight and having higher blood pressure, but it has something to do with abnormalities in glucose. It's advised that people with extra weight must exercise for a minimum of half an hour a day for at least five days in a week. The exercise you do doesn't have to be anything wild and complicated, either. You can do yourself world of good by just walking for a half hour each day. Some of the benefits your body will see from your exercise regimen will include weight loss and decreased stress levels. Also, scientific studies have proven that doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis will make your heart stronger enabling it to pump your blood more efficiently and thus lowering your blood pressure. Therefore, you can see that exercise is a way to lower blood pressure naturally.

Diet is another step to lower blood pressure naturally. It is a major component for lowering high blood pressure. One must aim for a diet high in vegetables and whole grain products. Red meats and sweets are ok in moderation. A diet full of fruits and vegetables will lower blood pressure in as little as two weeks. It's also important to include supplements proven to lower blood pressure naturally. Your diet should also include supplements which can also help to lower blood pressure naturally. Less intake of Sodium can also lower the blood pressure levels in a natural way. Hence, how is much sodium intake you can reduce? It's advised to lower it down to around 1,500 milligrams a day which is half the National average. One teaspoon of salt has 1,200 milligrams of sodium in it. An important way to lower blood pressure naturally is to cut down on some drinks you consume. The less you drink, the lower your blood pressure will be. Now that is not to say you cannot drink at all. It is recommended one drink a day is fine but not more than that. Always drink in moderation whether you have high blood pressure or not.

One of the main causes of high blood pressure is caffeine. One must reduce intake of caffeine to bring down blood pressure. Blood pressure increases by 4 mm for every three cups of coffee that you take in a day. Caffeine causes more stress by tightening the blood vessels thereby increasing the blood pressure. As a result of the body being under stress, the heart starts to pump much faster-giving rise to high blood pressure. It is better to switch to decaf in case you want that cup of coffee in the morning. Another great way is the Natural dietary supplements that lower blood pressure naturally and maintain a healthy pressure. Supplements like L-arginine, grape seed extract, lycopene, and Pycnogenol have been clinically proven to help lower blood pressure. These are safe; natural supplements will not cause any harmful after effects with the positive benefits of better cardiovascular health. Taking these supplements on a daily basis will be your first step to a healthier lifestyle. You need to check this out for a healthy living away from Blood Pressure

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is something that is vital to our health. It needs to be within a certain range in order to be considered healthy. This range does change as we age; which is why a younger person has a lower blood pressure. As we age our blood pressure naturally rises. The issue is that if it rises too far we end up going into the unhealthy range. For those that allow this to be left unmonitored it can get into the danger zone quickly. This is why it is important for everyone to see their doctor once a year for a wellness check up. The doctor will check your blood pressure; they will also answer any questions you have. In many cases you can control your blood pressure with daily monitoring and a diet change. For those that have blood pressure in the high range of the unhealthy level you often get medication to help bring it down.

Keep in mind with or without the medication you should monitor your blood pressure. Many doctors have you track your daily readings in a journal. This way you can track if your blood pressure is steady or fluxing. The best way to do this is to have a monitor at home. Omron blood pressure monitor are a great solution. The company has a great variety of monitors. They have upper arm and wrist models so you can find the most comfortable fit. They also carry accessories such as replacement cuffs in all sizes as well as power adapters.

Their newest monitor from project zero is a wrist monitor that looks like a wrist watch. This allows you to discreetly monitor your blood pressure while still looking stylish on the go. The nice thing about this model is that it can also remind you to take your medications. It connects wirelessly to the Omron Connect mobile app, this allows information to be shared with your doctor. This way if they see your readings showing concern they can help you feel better. The same line of monitors also makes an upper arm version that also connects to the mobile app as well. A great combination idea of using the upper arm cuff at home and the wrist version on the go so you always stay connected. This model also tracks your heart rate as you exercise it alerts you should you push yourself too hard.

Learn How Meditation Can Make You More Productive

Reaching your long-term goals may sound like a challenge, but if you live a stress-free life, it is going to be a lot easier. Meditating on a daily basis can bring you many successes and you will be able to lead a fulfilling life. In this article, learn how meditation can make you more productive.

Firstly, improving focus and being mindful will help raise your awareness on the present moment. Rather than stressing about the past, focus on the future and be mindful about it. According to a 2012 study, the effects of mindfulness were tested on office workers. They were asked to carry out all types of tasks such as attending meetings, writing memos, and organizing schedules.

The participants were divided into three different groups, one of which agreed to undergo a 2-month mindfulness meditation course. Those who meditated during this period reported experiencing significantly higher positive emotions than those who did not meditate at all. They also found an improvement in concentration and a decrease in stress levels.

This type of study generally focused on broad types of meditation that are referred to as mindfulness. You are required to focus on your breathing or a single image or emotion. It may sound simple but once you realize how full your mind is, you will need more time to practice. Try and turn back your concentration on breathing, like a mantra.

According to advanced studies by university professors of Michigan, it was found that meditation helps people handle their stress better. When you begin meditating, your mind empties itself from all the built-up information and as a result, you will feel less stressed and more energized. Much of the stress is from spending too much time worrying about everyday happenings. In fact, people can get overloaded with too much information and emotions and the brain simply cannot handle it anymore.

Meditating on a regular basis helps keep the brain in tip top condition and gives it time to rest. You can digest information and emotions much better if you learn how to let go of unimportant matters in your life. It only takes ten minutes a day to meditate in a quiet room.

If you wish to learn some simple tips on how to meditate, start by focusing on your breathing. Sit in a quiet room and breathe in and out. If this is your first time, do not worry as you can always try again. By regularly practicing this simple technique, you will soon get the hang of it.

Guided meditation is another effective way of focusing on breathing and is perfect for people who have trouble concentrating. You can find various audio that is available online. Follow the instructions and concentrate on your breathing. With lots of practice, you will be able to enjoy your sessions and combine other meditations for maximizing peace and health.

While meditating, keep your mind as calm as possible. Give your total attention to deep breathing exercises while observing your conscious. This practice will make the breathing process effortless and give you much peace. Do not worry about your breathing pace as this does not matter. It is more important to keep everything as calm and natural as possible. The main thing is not to pressurize yourself and keep your inflow and outflow breathing normal.

Finally, there are many health benefits to meditation. Your productivity levels will be enhanced and you will feel refreshed all day long. It also enables you to maximize your energy levels and concentration. Investing some time into this practice will keep you active and productive. This is especially beneficial if you lead a stressful lifestyle.

The Competitive Nature Of Men

The Merriam Websters dictionary defines competition to be a process of acquiring or winning something that someone is also trying to acquire or win. Competition may be a characteristic that is a part of our evolutionary history. The quality is very instinctive. In the primitive era, when man was a hunter and food gatherer, there was a need to be competitive to survive. The limited nature of the food and the danger involved in killing wild animals when he was unarmed was one of the reasons that explain mans aggressive behaviour.

Men compare and evaluate themselves against other men constantly from financials to penis size. In fact the locker room mentality leaves many men wishing they had more in that department. As a side note such things can be easily remedied with the use of sizegenetics

Post-civilization, this competitive nature has been further nurtured by stereotypical societal norms where men are considered to be naturally superior to women. Most societies in the world refer to women as the weaker sex or the fairer sex. Of course there are exceptions where indigenous tribes in various remote pockets trace their lineage through the women and give them more importance than their men folk. But as emphasized already, they are just exceptions. Society generally encourages its boys to turn out robust and active while girls are dressed prettily in frills and laces. Young lads are often pulled up for being cry babies and nicknamed sissy when they refrain from boyish activities whereas girls are reprimanded for being boisterous and tom boyish. The main reason is that even today, the developed and developing world believe that a man ought to be strong, brave and Mr.Know-it-All. He heads the household and is regarded as the pinhead of his family. Most of the times, he is the first line of defense in case there is apprehension of any danger to the family. All the hard work is always consigned to the men in the neighborhood. They are hardwired (genetically) to like fast bikes and cars and their fascination for the complicated, the engineered and the mechanic is legendary.

Men want the best mates available, they want their children to be the best looking and the most read. Clinical psychologists conducting various experiments under laboratory conditions have concluded empirically that the reason behind this competitive nature of men is a combination of nature (evolution) and nurture (upbringing). The study also throws light on the fact that nurture factor is more dominant than the natural factors. What this means is that if the man is bought up in an environment where the women are treated at par, he will undoubtedly turn out to be more cooperative and less competitive.

Essential Oils For Melancholy

Expanded open attention to melancholy is fortunately prompting more open dialog about the numerous reasons furthermore the accessible choices for managing manifestations, including the utilization of a essential oil starter set.

Both the reasons and side effects of despondency are so shifted and complex that there can't ever be one single or straightforward cure. Surely for some or even most sufferers "cure" in the acknowledged sense is impossible. What is looked for are non-unsafe strategies to moderate the indications to empower those with sadness to live as entire and cheerful a day by day life as could be expected under the circumstances.

There are obviously numerous types of treatment. Some have heartbreaking reactions, and even numerous that don't, can require a tremendous physical and enthusiastic responsibility for sufferers and carers. Regularly the exertion included in the treatment is an excessive amount to be borne by an effectively delicate fragile system.

Latent medications, for example, regulating essential oils can be helpful as a lifeline. While not as a matter of course an aggregate solution, essential oils can furnish some help without any exertion than application. As depression sufferers are extremely mindful, alleviation systems are combined and if a superior state can be come to or kept up by any technique that causes no harm, it can help the individual to find a way to help with rest.

There are various essential oils particularly used for melancholy, on the other hand, you ought to pick the one that you are most pulled in to as the impacts change from individual to individual. You may discover alleviation from one superior to anything another, on account of the fragrance 'treatment'.

The accompanying decisions below are probably the most famous fragrant healing essential oils for depression to attempt:

Bergamot The delightful citrus smell of bergamot is stimulating and invigorating. This oil is yellow-green in shading and is separated from the peels of the sharp citrus natural fruit. This essential oil has been utilized following the soonest days of old Chinese pharmaceutical to unwind the soul and the brain and to take out depression. Bergamot is a brilliant "lift me-up" and is valuable to battle exhaustion, anxiety and uneasiness.

Neroli In the event that your side effects are the aftereffect of fomentation or compelling anxiety and enthusiastic weakness, Neroli oil is one of the best essential oil decisions to help your system. Neroli is the citrusy, botanical scent got from the blooms of different orange trees. It is most regularly removed from the Seville orange.

Neroli can be uncommonly useful for individuals in a discouraged state as it empowers them to feed their soul and brain while discovering the quality to move into their general surroundings.

Chamomile There are two unique approaches to utilize Chamomile. Chamomile is delicate and unwinding essential oil that is greatly calming. This fundamental oil is sufficiently mellow to use as regularly as required. Chamomile essential oil functions admirably for side effects that incorporate fractiousness and crankiness and a sentiment steady disappointment with very nearly everything.

You might likewise jump at the chance for a steaming cup of some Chamomile tea preceding going to bed to loosen up in the wake of a monotonous day. It is additionally surely understood that numerous other essential oils can offer you to float some assistance with offing to rest somewhat more effectively.

Essential oils can be advantageous for gloom by utilizing aromatherapy based treatment oils as a part of a diffuser, put under your nose, or utilized as massage oil. You can likewise add a couple drops to your shower water before venturing in. Ensure you run the shower first and after that include the oil once the bathtub is full, so the oil glides on top. These essential oils can offer you some assistance with soothing without end sentiments of despondency, nervousness and anxiety.

Utilizing essential oils for discouragement is something that should be possible every day. When you locate an essential oil or blend of oils that give you some alleviation, use them regularly and drench up the sentiments of self-consideration and self esteem the application gives.

How Can Meditation Help Beat Depression?

Today, more and more people are living high paced and stressful lives. Often, there is little time dedicated to rest and relaxation after a day or week of being on the go. Add unpleasant or devastating life experiences and people often find themselves in despair. Before feelings get to the point of hopelessness, it is important to find a healthy alternative to medications. Many people ask the question, can meditation help beat depression?

Medications are helpful for those who have a chemical imbalance causing the condition. If meditating is part of the therapy it is best monitored by a practitioner. However, for individuals who have issues brought on by external situations it may be best to try an alternative therapy before turning to medications. Studies have shown that meditating dramatically reduces the chance of the recurrence of a depressive state. Many people are currently using the art of meditating and find that it a good practice.

Meditating is a terrific tool that can assists people in moving through periodic episodes of sadness. The practice can also be helpful for those who suffer due to a chemical imbalance. In these situations it is sometimes used in modified form. Combined with medications, this therapy can be a huge support to the patient. There are those who become extremely depressed who may not find it helpful to meditate. This kind of therapy can actually do more harm than good. In these cases the practitioner will prescribe other forms of relaxation techniques.

There are valid reason that meditating may not be appropriate someone who is exceptionally depressed. These folks tend to continuously think about what is wrong in their life. In addition, the task of learning how to meditate can be challenging and for someone who is extremely depressed may see the challenge as a personal failure. These folks typically are lacking inner resources or coping skills to draw on.

For those who experience milder depressive episodes, learning to meditate can be very effective. These folks will be able to draw from positive inner coping skills. This will allow them to lift themselves up to a positive mental state. Making a practice of scheduling time to meditate each day will serve to keep folks balanced.

With daily use of this tool, episodes can be reduced and sometimes eliminated in those who experience situational bouts of sadness and despair. These periods are usually short term and temporary and will respond positively to the practice of meditating. This may not be true for the individuals suffering with organic induced episodes. It is best to speak with a trained practitioner before attempting to learn to meditate. The professional may use this type of therapy in combination with medications. The kind of meditating practices that might be taught will typically be modified and used under supervision.

There are several ways to meditate that can help the individual relax and rest their mind. Meditating can also help improve your physical health by lowering blood pressure and decreasing the heart rate. Because meditating calms your body and your mind, it lowers blood pressure over time. Meditating regularly can reduce anxiety, stress, and anger which are key factors for increased blood pressure.

In addition to lowering blood pressure, meditating has some positive benefits for heart health. There are several studies that show meditating can lower the heart rate and slow the rate of respiration. Combined with the decrease in blood pressure, there is a reduction in stress hormones that circulate through the bloodstream. The body benefits by getting healthier which in turn helps stave off depressive episodes. When you allow your mind and body to rest and recuperate your outlook on life will improve.