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The Competitive Nature Of Men

The Merriam Websters dictionary defines competition to be a process of acquiring or winning something that someone is also trying to acquire or win. Competition may be a characteristic that is a part of our evolutionary history. The quality is very instinctive. In the primitive era, when man was a hunter and food gatherer, there was a need to be competitive to survive. The limited nature of the food and the danger involved in killing wild animals when he was unarmed was one of the reasons that explain mans aggressive behaviour.

Men compare and evaluate themselves against other men constantly from financials to penis size. In fact the locker room mentality leaves many men wishing they had more in that department. As a side note such things can be easily remedied with the use of sizegenetics

Post-civilization, this competitive nature has been further nurtured by stereotypical societal norms where men are considered to be naturally superior to women. Most societies in the world refer to women as the weaker sex or the fairer sex. Of course there are exceptions where indigenous tribes in various remote pockets trace their lineage through the women and give them more importance than their men folk. But as emphasized already, they are just exceptions. Society generally encourages its boys to turn out robust and active while girls are dressed prettily in frills and laces. Young lads are often pulled up for being cry babies and nicknamed sissy when they refrain from boyish activities whereas girls are reprimanded for being boisterous and tom boyish. The main reason is that even today, the developed and developing world believe that a man ought to be strong, brave and Mr.Know-it-All. He heads the household and is regarded as the pinhead of his family. Most of the times, he is the first line of defense in case there is apprehension of any danger to the family. All the hard work is always consigned to the men in the neighborhood. They are hardwired (genetically) to like fast bikes and cars and their fascination for the complicated, the engineered and the mechanic is legendary.

Men want the best mates available, they want their children to be the best looking and the most read. Clinical psychologists conducting various experiments under laboratory conditions have concluded empirically that the reason behind this competitive nature of men is a combination of nature (evolution) and nurture (upbringing). The study also throws light on the fact that nurture factor is more dominant than the natural factors. What this means is that if the man is bought up in an environment where the women are treated at par, he will undoubtedly turn out to be more cooperative and less competitive.


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