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7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

7 Tips To Help You Become Fitter

Are you doing fitness? Would you like to be more effective? Follow the steps below and improve your effectiveness.

1. Identify the program that applies to you the most. Not everyone is the same, apart from body structure and family genes you may have a permanent disability that may restrict you to do some routines/exercises. You may have daily responsibilities that can limit you with your fitness program.

2. Try to be realistic with your targets/goals. Spend some time to think about the body you would be happy with and the time needed to achieve it. The program should be attainable and not stressful. Think about the probable blocks or interruptions you may encounter in your daily living that could slow down the progress. This will help you select the most satisfactory program, one that you can follow and eventually give you the goals you want. 3. Work on the major muscles first. The reason is simple; when you work on the major muscles you will burn a greater number of calories which in turn reduces the fats in your body. Learn what exercises work best on certain parts of the body, especially if you have problem areas.

4. Work your muscles hard. The above is not a misprint. Dont go to a workout and treated like a walk in the park. By working your muscles hard, you will get satisfactory results and get closer to your goal. Keep a daily log of your routines and this will help you progress by increasing your routines from the previous data. This is a good idea because it doesnt just give you the progress, but it also tells you what you have achieved.

5. The normal set is 10 to 12 repetitions One repetition or rep (as the more advance people call it) is one lift, push or curl. Try to do the reps with as little momentum as you can. What I mean, is not to use momentum of one rep to the next, make each rep an individual exercise. Therefore, as an example if you are doing dead lifts; it will be up hold for one second then down, similar to a robots motion. This technique will make your muscles work harder, use more energy to achieve the rep and achieve your goals quicker.

6. As you progress, increase the variety of exercise All exercise programs have a variety of exercises that can be varied to keep you motivated and interested. Changing your routines will keep you from getting bored, losing interest and use a larger variety of muscles to give you a more rounded workout.

7. Be Motivated! Motivation can be hard specially when other issues and responsibilities turn up, but there are ways to help you keep going. One of the better ways is to team up with a friend or partner, that way you can motivate and help each other with the exercises. It also gives you a feeling of responsibility to not let he or she down.


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