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Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

It is without question that there is a complete overreation by the WHO regarding the supposed "threat" by electronic cigarettes. The WHO are not only over-reacting, but they're also taking the wrong approach in respect of these products. Cigarette smoking is facing one of its biggest threats in a long time from Electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have to date assisted many thousands of people to stop smoking and also enabled them to drastically cut down on the quantity they smoke as well. In fact, it is the WHO that are siding with cigarettes to protect them from the threat caused by electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been found to be a lot safer than normal cigarettes through scientific research and they in fact reduce the risk of not only lung cancer but also obstructive lung disease, as well as other cancers. Further scientific evidence also suggests that it is possible that electronic cigarettes pose less of a possibility of heart disease. Further research has to be undertaken to ascertain if there could be long-term damaging consequences. It can absolutely be said though that electronic cigarettes are a lot safer than actual cigarettes.

Around the world they are being used by millions of people as well as there being thousands of members on dozens of forums. There are in excess of one hundred thousand posts per month on a single forum alone. There are also at least 6 web radio shows, 10 web TV channels as well as a channel of music radio, all dedicated solely to electronic cigarettes. The growth of e-cigarettes has happened at an incredible rate, with its growth in many places stabilizing at about forty per cent annually. Thus far over five per cent of smokers have swopped to e-cigarettes in the UK and US, and by 2019 this percentage will be a great deal higher.

Currently from 2012 - 2015, the use of e-cigarettes grew with middle as well as high school students. About five out of every hundred middle school students said that in 2015 they had used e-cigarettes during the past thirty days which equates to a rise from 0.6% in 2012.

In fact, compared to cigarette smoke, electronic cigarette vapor is a lot safer and you can go to to inform yourself about the e-cig produts available out there. Although it is more than likely healthier to refrain from inhaling anything, electronic cigarettes are the best bet for being safe. While tobacco cigarettes cause arteries to harden, this is not the immediate case with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also don't interfere with the way oxygen reaches your heart either. A health issue is not caused by the commonest ingredients found in 'e-liquid'.

It was discovered in a research paper from 2012 regarding toxicants and carcinogens from electronic cigarette vapor, that there were a number of toxic substances. However, the toxicant levels were 9-450 times less than those found in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, that substituting cigarettes with electronic cigarettes could significantly reduce subjection to certain tobacco-specific toxicants.

The introduction of electronic cigarettes was to assist traditional smokers to quit smoking. Vaping not only eliminates the usual toxins and chemicals in cigarettes but also gets rid of the smell of cigarette smoke that lingers. The popularity of vaping has been increased due to the new devices which are portable as well as exotic liquid flavours available. Estimated to be worth in the region of four billion US dollars, the vaping industry has people competing over who is able to blow most smoke.

There are sources that opine that the health effects long-term regarding electronic cigarettes are mostly unknown due to there being little hard data as it is fairly new. That said, e-cigarettes are still regarded as less destructive as well as safer to health than tobacco cigarettes. Although they usually also contain nicotine which is still addictive, there aren't any other by-products from burning or any tar. What looks like "smoke" is in fact water vapor, therefore e-cigarettes are believed to be a lot safer for health in the long term that regular cigarettes. Any health concerns are due to the unknown factors such as the chemicals which give flavour and lack of research by the FDA.

From April 2014, proposed rules were issued by the FDA to increase its authority in regard to regulating tobacco products, e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, waterpipe tobacco, orally ingested tobacco as well as nicotine gels. FDA rules proposed setting 18 as the minimum age to be able to use electronic cigarettes. Identification would also be required to buy them, vending machine sales to be prohibited, packaging to carry warning labels, and manufacturers to be prohibited from offering samples for free.

Even though there is an age restriction stating that someone has to be eighteen years of age before being permitted to buy electronic cigarettes, these devices have become the most frequently used tobacco products by teenagers. During 2016, in excess of two million middle as well as high school students in the United States were at any given time within the last thirty days using electronic cigarettes. Contrary to this, 3.2% of adults disclosed that they'd vaped during 2016.

With the continued growth of the industry, mainstream publications are conceding that some evidence exists showing that e-cigarettes could possibly be effective in assisting those that smoke to quit. We have been aware of this fact for quite some time.


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